Update: Calmer week, smoother progress

Still a lot going on, but the week just past nevertheless seemed less cluttered. Let me see, what was going on?

All right —

1) I listened to and approved the first chapter of the RIHASI audiobook. This narrator is distinguishing characters more by vocal style than by changing her voice. I think it’s working quite well (that’s why I made her an offer in the first place). I’m looking forward to listening to chapter two!

2) The technical difficulties for the audiobook of MARAG got ironed out, so that’s now in review at ACX. Whew. Another week or so, probably. They’re usually pretty fast.

3) Finally wrote the first all-new chapter for SILVER CIRCLE. Then I smoothed out the next, already complete, chapter, so that the stuff going on at different locations all braids together.

I have now clarified for this story how cellphones and laptops work. That is, I knew for sure that if government agencies could track everyone via their cellphones, that could be a problem. I was ignoring that problem, but it was becoming more urgent to sort that out. So, I asked on Facebook, “So, how can you hide your phone from cops and the FBI and whoever?” There was more to it on Facebook, but that was the idea, and it was really funny to me because last week people I know from work and wherever were saying, “Wow, for a minute I really wondered if you’d become a survivalist or something! Then I saw the #AmWriting tag and that made a lot more sense!”

Anyway, that was highly helpful, I got some great information, and now I know how everyone is handling this, given that they have very good reasons for not wanting cops or the FBI or anyone to track them. So I went through and smoothed out phone use all the way through the story, which was crucial for being able to braid the flow of action together.

I’m mostly through the next new chapter now as well. Or at least, that chapter is started, which pretty much counts as nearly through it. Beats me what the chapter number is. I’ve lost track. There are going to be about fifty chapters total. I think I have about ten to go. I haven’t been writing them in order, which makes it a little hard to remember.

4) I think the audiobooks for the DL series will be underway sometime this week. I could have gotten the original cover artist to do audiobook covers, but I got distracted by playing with Canva and wound up asking Commenter Mona for advice about that because she is into graphic design and cover design.

Mona was super helpful. Therefore, last week I went from “This will never work, I need to scrap this and just ask the original cover artist to do audiobook covers,” to “By gum, I think I can actually do this.”

The covers are quite different from the ebook and paper book covers, of course, but I don’t care — lots of books have very different covers for different editions, after all.

I’ll do a post about this cover process later — it was fun to do!

MAIN FOCUS THIS WEEK: Making progress on SILVER CIRCLE, of course! I hope to be much closer to the end of the story by the end of June.

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