Reminders —

Just a handful of reminders in this post:

A) I’ll be pulling RIHASI at my Patrion about June 24. If you would like to download the epub there, now is a good time. Here’s the link.

B) Obviously if you haven’t preordered RIHASI yet and you would like to, this is a good time; here’s the link.

C) I’ve started a new Death’s Lady story, set during the lead up to midwinter and then going through midwinter. This is the first midwinter after the events of the series, so this is the first time Daniel and/or Jenna might possibly ask Tenai to open the way for them back to our world. This story is from the point of view of Taranah, the king’s aunt. The first installment of this story will appear in my newsletter, which you can sign up for here. I’m scheduling this newsletter to go out next Monday.

D) When the story is complete, I’ll drop it onto my Patreon. I have no idea when that will happen because I really have no idea how long this story might go. All these newsletter stories are appearing at my Patreon as they’re completed.

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