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Have you ever heard of Geobake? Looks like it’s a contest put on by the Geoscience Society of New Zealand.

Here’s the winner for 2024: This cake represents the columnar jointed basalt found in the Dunedin area, specifically the Organ Pipes. It has a red velvet sponge inside to represent the mafic basalt, and a black sesame-based meringue arranged in hexagonal columns with a dusting of cocoa to mimic the Organ Pipes’ weathered grey surface.

This is amazing. The whole idea is amazing. I love it.

Click through to see this winner, plus a cake that shows “an example of a normal fault that has occurred following the deposition of numerous layers of geological strata. leading to the uplift and offset of the strata on the footwall side” and a gingerbread geologic map of New Zealand.

Here’s the 2023 post, which features — very neat! — a braided rivers cake, very suitable as we visit the braided rivers of Tansan in RIHASI. “Slope-derived sediment deposited on braid plains creates bifurcating channel networks which typify braided rivers.”

Here’s the 2022 post. “Kirsty’s entry depicts Volcanologists sampling fresh lava to gain information on its chemical properties.”

Here’s the 2021 post. “This sourdough bread loaf depicts a basaltic lava eruption. The lava is erupting both from a vent (top) and through subsurface lava tubes. The different dough colours/flavours represent different temperatures of lava—yellow is the hottest, orange is slightly cooler but still molten, and black is cooled, solid basalt.”

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4 thoughts on “Edible Geology”

  1. Oh, that is neat. You might also like to see Dinara Kasko’s cakes. She’s an architect turned baker. I bet some of her molds and techniques would be useful for a contest like this.

  2. The basalt cake from this year and the sourdough lava from 2021 are really impressive. What a lovely competition.

  3. When I was in college, if someone completed their thesis we’d celebrate by making a cake that showed some element of their thesis topic. The biology majors’ cakes were sometimes a bit gruesome

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