Update: lots of incremental progress on all fronts

There’s so much underway, it’s honestly hard to keep it all straight.

1) I loaded a new epub of RIHASI this past Saturday, but I may do so again because I tripped over one (1) more typo, and now that I’ve seen it, I can’t unsee it, even though it is apparently invisible to all readers. Oh, and there were more than two dozen typos in the first epub I uploaded, which is so many! Although I appreciate notes about how that isn’t SO many, it kinda seems like a lot to me.

2) I’ve just this morning made an offer to a narrator for RIHASI. This will be the first female narrator for this series. Rihasi both begins and ends this novel, which makes her the primary protagonist, so that’s why I decided to go with a woman as a narrator. I liked her audition quite a bit — I got four very solid auditions out of the auditions that were submitted. This narrator has a good feel for the sentences and tone and did a pretty good, but not exaggerated, job of character differentiation. I hope this project will move smoothly ahead and that the audiobook will be available maybe a month or two after the release of the Amazon editions.

3) The audiobook for MARAG is finished and as soon as certain hopefully trivial technical difficulties have been solved, I will be hitting the “approved for review” button. I expect this audiobook will be available long before the end of the month.

4) I like the narrator who did MARAG. He differentiates characters well, his overall vocal quality is good enough, he is super easy to work with, he is fast, and he makes almost no “typos” while narrating. I am going to move ahead with Death’s Lady ebooks with this narrator. He’s agreed to do the whole four-book set. He’ll start that as soon as the technical difficulties with MARAG have been ironed out.

Gosh, I’m spending a lot on audiobooks this year. I really do audiobooks as a vanity project, though who knows, maybe over a ten-year span they might make something close to what I’m spending on them. (Maybe.)

The thing is, while I was watching ~3000 sales of the Death’s Lady trilogy at the end of May, I was also thinking, Wouldn’t it be nice if there were audiobooks available with links from this trilogy? Next time, if BookBub approves another featured deal for this trilogy, there will be.

5) I asked the Tuyo-series cover artist to make a boxed set cover for me for Tuyo/Tarashana/Tasmakat, with the subtitle “Ryo’s trilogy” and no volume numbers to confuse potential buyers. Previously, I thought this would be insane because of various limitations imposed on boxed sets. That is, you can’t price them above $9.99 without dropping to the 35% royalty rate (from the standard 70% royalty rate), and therefore a boxed set of these three books would have to be sold at a terrible loss … … … except no! Given the featured deal for the DL trilogy, I thought of a way to handle this.

I’m going to publish this boxed set at $21.99 or even $22.99 or something like that — really high. From the reader’s perspective, this is closely in line with the cost of buying the three separate books, which together add up to $21, more or less. However, because of the lower royalty level, I don’t actually want readers to buy the boxed set, so I’m going to price it so that it is just a tad more expensive to buy the three books as a boxed set than individually. I believe it will be worthwhile — very worthwhile — provided I can get a BookBub featured deal for the boxed set. That’s the actual point of making this boxed set at all. They’ve turned TUYO down a lot of times as an individual book, and while I’ll keep applying with it, I do think applying with a boxed set is a good deal more likely to be approved.

And THAT would probably be worthwhile. I can start by applying for a featured deal at $2.99 and work my way down from there and see what happens. I’ll try that later this year.


6) I’m moving ahead with SILVER CIRCLE. I had two chapters with missing final scenes — both those scenes are now written and those chapters are complete. I hadn’t written chapter 25 at all. I glared at this chapter, considered the flow of events, and turned that into the end of chapter 22 instead of leaving it as a chapter by itself. Then I finished that chapter.

Then I moved chapters around and renumbered them and moved them around some more and renumbered them again, and this is an ongoing project, let me tell you. There are chapters where a specific confrontation or attack begins and then a cliffhanger and the pick up to that cliffhanger can’t be a hundred pages later, so if I move one chapter, I wind up moving six. It’s really complicated!

But, for NOW, I think all the chapters are in a decent order, PLUS I am finally ready to write a new chapter. Which is exciting because it picks up an attack that began in a previous chapter. This is the point where it’s becoming possible that I may decide to kill someone. We’ll see.

7) Also, I’ve written maybe 7000 words of the new DL story from Taranah’s pov, so I have a good piece to drop into the next newsletter.

And that’s where I am at the beginning of this week! WHEW!

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2 thoughts on “Update: lots of incremental progress on all fronts”

  1. For some reason I bad to resubscribe to bookbub to get my daily deals, but I’m so glad I did. I buy something almost every day, and there are a ton of good books listed. If I am representative of most people, and you had such a great response from Death’s Lady, getting Tuyo onto bookbub is a worthy endeavor. Have you seen sales of all your other books rise since Death’s Lady was on bookbub?

  2. Alison, maybe? In a month or so I’ll look at mean sales per day for sixty days prior and sixty days following and then maybe I’ll have a better idea. The DL omnibus is still selling a few copies per day, which it certainly wasn’t before.

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