Update: Well, that was exciting

Okay, bottom line first — yes, the BookBub featured deal paid for itself, but not by much. If I’d had the trilogy set for a 70% royalties instead of 35%, obviously it would have yielded a nice return on investment. If and when I get a BookBub deal just for the US, I’ll definite be using the KU tools to lower and raise the price in order to be able to use the 70% option. I really, really wish I could do that and still have prices go up and down properly in other countries, not just the US and UK.

However, regardless of immediate payoff, it’s almost certainly going to be a good thing that more than 2000 people bought the trilogy. Hopefully some decent fraction of those people will read it sometime this year, love it, and go on to try Shines Now and then others of my books. There’s a teaser for Tuyo and also a teaser for Black Dog at the back of the trilogy, because, I mean, of course there is.

Also, I believe I’m seeing a rise in KU pages read. We’ll see how that looks over the next month or so.

This featured deal sure made me tense, I will say. I was clicking over to KDP to look at the numbers every two hours all yesterday until I went to bed. I did get a nice orange banner for the first time:

See that? Best seller. Pretty neat, eh? Right now, this omnibus is sitting at #155 in the entire Kindle store, which is impressive. Also, it’s at #1 in Contemporary Fantasy (I put it in that category because of the first book), #9 in Epic Fantasy (because of books two and three) and #10 in Paranormal and Urban Fantasy (which is NOT my decision; KDP put it in that unsuitable category, and later I will ask if they would kindly take it out again because it’s really not reasonable to show it to paranormal/UF readers). But later, later, I don’t want to mess with it while the sale is still running.

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to put a review on the trilogy. I’m sure that helped sales — I mean, whenever I’m thinking of picking up something via Freebooksy or BookBub or whatever, I ALWAYS look at the top few reviews and often decide yes or no based on those reviews. I definitely think a handful of thoughtful, positive reviews helps a lot.

So, whew, and I’ll continue applying with Tuyo and hope eventually I get a featured deal for that one.


I didn’t get a lot else done yesterday, other than writing the first paragraphs of the No Foreign Sky sequel. I’d like to complete the first chapter of that book by June 1, after which I will put it away and pick up Silver Circle. Which I am now looking forward to, so putting it aside for five months and writing other things was probably a good idea in every way. I figure June, July, and surely I will have a complete draft by the beginning of August even if the entire build-up to the climax is a total bear to write. The climax itself should be fine. Then there should be a lot of falling action. I’m guessing (you know how much these guesses are worth!) that the total overall length will be about 300,000 words, which will yield two books of perfectly reasonable 150,000-word lengths when cut in half. It’s at 210,000 words right now, which, I mean, SURELY it cannot take more than two months to finish it.

A fair bit of revision, probably. But I hope I will be sending it to early readers no later than the beginning of September and releasing it in October/November. We’ll see!


Big storm blew through last night. Very exciting! I went out and walked around on the deck, keeping an eye on the clouds, just in case. If I’d seen anything that looked truly dangerous, I’d have ducked inside and called the tornado warning to my dogs (“Hey, dogs! Want to go downstairs and have a COOKIE???”) and tucked everybody into crates in the bedroom. But, no. Very high winds; dark, dramatic clouds; gusts of rain; and the whole thing was past us in about ten minutes. After which, a much more serene moment to finish the evening:

And that was Sunday. Whew.

Also! Happy Memorial Day.

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3 thoughts on “Update: Well, that was exciting”

  1. Congratulations! I bet a lot of those readers will go on to read your other books, bc your books are impossible to put down.

  2. That’s a lot of purchases over a short period! Yay!

    I’m very excited to hear you’re starting the No Foreign Sky sequel, even if it’s not a priority yet.

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