Friday update, with puppies

I didn’t do a regular update this past Monday, and didn’t quite notice that because I was distracted by other things. But!

Puppies are still cute:

Joy with Maximillian, in a peaceful moment

One of the extremely identical black-and-tan puppies with Maximillian, in a slightly less peaceful moment, but Max was quite tolerant.

The puppies are learning to walk (or scamper, really) on leash.

Each puppy does fine as long as the other dogs are adults rather than other puppies. Two puppies together tangle the leashes, of course. They have a tendency in that direction even when they accompany one or two adults, but it’s not nearly as much bother. The adults also modeled not being scared of the astronomical number of trucks that went by. Some neighbor is up to some sort of major project, judging from the trucks bringing in nigh-unto-infinite loads of fill dirt. One of the trucks was big and loud, so it was good to have an adult dog implicitly telling the puppy, Whatever, trucks are harmless, sometimes they make noise like that, don’t worry about it.

In other news, wow, all of Thursday disappeared into an exceedingly tedious bout of tweaking and adjusting and final-final proofing for RIHASI. I honestly thought I was past that stage, but was doing one more proofing read-through and wound up doing quite a lot of tweaking, usually just changing one word to a different word or taking out two words or whatever. I did add just a tiny, tiny bit here and there. Anyway, this took ALL DAY and in fact some time this morning too. Wow, was that annoying and tedious.

I am now making the epub file, as I think I am actually no-fooling done with tweaking at this point. I will now send the epub to my kindle app and skim through it, but I sure hope it will prove basically one hundred percent ready to go because I am now officially tired of fiddling with this book.

I opened a new file this morning, and started compiling a character list for a sequel to NO FOREIGN SKY. At the moment, this sequel is titled UNFORGIVING SKY, because that popped into my head. Don’t take that too seriously as the real no-kidding title for the second book, but I do rather like it.

I think the subtitles for SILVER CIRCLE will probably be Part I: Scattered Sparks / Part II: Shattered Skies — I guess the alliteration is okay with me. Not totally sure, but that’s what I think I will probably wind up going with.

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3 thoughts on “Friday update, with puppies”

  1. They’re very cute!
    It’s nice that the cats are this comfortable with them, and can socialise them to living with cats as well as other dogs.

  2. Death’s Lady just popped up on my bookbub daily deals. I hope it gets a ton of purchases !!!

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