Please leave a review for the DL trilogy

OKAY, YES, I should have thought of this LAST WEEK, but this didn’t occur to me until late last night. BUT, the Death’s Lady trilogy has only one review and fifteen ratings. If you have previously left a review and rating for the individual books, this would be an EXCELLENT time to copy and paste one of those reviews over to the trilogy’s product page, here.

If you left a review for the first book and would like to copy and paste from there, here is the link to that one.

Here is the link to the second book.

Here is the link to the third book.

If you have read SHINES NOW but haven’t left a rating or review, this would be a great time. Here’s the link.

I dropped prices Sunday to make sure they would be down in time for the FIRST scheduled promotion, which will be Thursday the 23rd. The price change went through promptly with no weirdness, whew, and therefore prices are down right now.

The BookBub promo is scheduled for the 26th. The last scheduled promo is the 27th, but I scheduled Written Word Media to run Facebook ads through the 30th. I will then raise prices again probably June 1.

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7 thoughts on “Please leave a review for the DL trilogy”

  1. Left a review immediately; I had left reviews on each individual book, but I definitely did add a review of the trilogy as a whole, since this is one of my top 15 favorite series ever. Hope it helps! :D

  2. Sure. Done. I had NOT left reviews on each individual book, but I do very much enjoy them. (I’m just not always the best at getting around to reviewing.)

  3. I’ve been rereading Death’s Lady, and just noticed the reference to “the ephemeral kingdom[s] of men.” I recognize that quote! The dragons uses it in House of Shadows.

  4. Pete, now I’m trying to remember which of those books I actually wrote first. I think Lord Death came before the dragon, but I’m not actually sure!

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