Day and Clair go to new homes

So, Day left me last week … off to a new life of adventure! His people hope he becomes The Complete Lapdog, and I think he probably will. He seems a LOT like Ishmael to me, and Ish is certainly a great lapdog, at those moments my lap is not otherwise occupied by a laptop. Anyway, I do predict Day — whose name is now Bear — will do great in that department.

He also reminds me of his mother — he is very thoughtful, you can see him thinking. She was exactly the same at his age. The kind of dog who sees something odd and sits down to contemplate the strange object. What is that thing? What does it mean for me that the thing is there? Could this be a good thing? If invited to do so, I will go investigate the thing with confidence.

This is the exact opposite of reactive, by the way. A reactive dog has a huge emotional reaction to whatever; a lot of owners find reactive dogs difficult to handle. These are the dogs that have a fit of barking and lunging whenever they see another dog, for example, or whenever someone comes to the door. The opposite, thoughtfulness, doesn’t get recognized, which is a shame, because it is a highly desirable personality style. If this anti-reactive personality got recognized, you could use Morgan or Bear to illustrate The Thoughtful Puppy.

Bear, with one of his new people, on the car ride to his new home.

He really does like to be right next to your face.

Clair is leaving me this Friday, [sob], but she is going to join two cousins, as well as a new human family.

Hmm. Let me see. The two older ones are Leda’s puppies, and Morgan is Kimmie’s daughter, and Kim and Leda are full sibs, so Clair is actually a full first cousin once removed to her new “older siblings.” It gets hard to keep track!

Anyway, Clair is certain to bring a certain joie de vivre, not to mention a touch of mayhem, to her new home. She is ultra cute, but she has also hit the bounce-away stage and has turned into Little Miss Independent. It’s nice to see her gain so much confidence. She now needs to learn to come when she’s called! I need to make liver brownies and teach them all to come!

Mayhem, I tell you

I know she looks very peaceful in the above photo. Let me show you Clair in her Machiavellian persona, where she is clearly Planning Mayhem:

A mastermind plotting her next crime


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