Aaargh, do not let this happen!

So, I was looking at Makiia Lucier’s other books, and check out this description for Isle of Stone and Blood:

Ulisesasked, “How can I look at these maps, see this riddle, and do nothing?They are my brothers.”

Elias reached across the table and flicked aside two shells with a fingertip.The map curled into itself. “It’s bound to be a goose chase. Youknowthat?”

“Or a treasure hunt,” Ulises countered, “and you’ve always beengood at those.”

Nineteen-year-old Elias is a royal explorer, askilled mapmaker, and the new king of delMar’s oldest friend. Soon he willembark on the adventure of a lifetime, an expedition past the Strait of Cainand into uncharted waters.Nothing stands in his way…until a long-ago tragedycreeps back intothe light, threatening all he holds dear.

The people of St. Johndel Mar have never recoveredfrom the loss of their boy princes,kidnapped eighteen years ago, both presumeddead. But when two mapssurface, each bearing the same hidden riddle, troublingquestions arise. What really happened to the young heirs? And why do the mapsappear tobe drawn by Lord Antoni, Elias’s father, who vanished on thatsamefateful day? With the king’s beautiful cousin by his side–whether hewantsher there or not–Elias will race to solve the riddle of theprinces. He willhave to use his wits and guard his back. Because sometruths are better leftburied…and an unknown enemy stalks his everyturn.

What the heck happened here? This is absolutely inexcusable. This book was published in 2018 and this horrible spacing hasn’t been corrected? What even is this? And who is the publisher? Oh, look, Clarion. That’s an imprint of Harper Collins. Aren’t they supposed to be professionals? Yes? And they put that description up on Amazon and LEAVE it there for six years without correcting it? This is disgraceful. If I were the author, I would be seriously incensed.

You know what else? The first book, the ebook is $14, which is terribly expensive for a YA fantasy ebook, but much stupider than that, the SECOND book of the duology is $8.50. The first book is almost twice as expensive as the second! !!! Whose brilliant idea was that? Wow, Clarion Books, are you making traditional publishers look completely incompetent or what?

Anyway, I got a sample of the first book. AFTER checking to be sure the sample does not have the insane spacing problems of the description, because good grief.

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3 thoughts on “Aaargh, do not let this happen!”

  1. I went to Amazon UK to download a sample of Year of the Reaper on your recommendation, and it’s the same thing there, the blurb is missing spaces everywhere. Weirdly, the blurb for the same book on Amazon US looks fine.

  2. I put together a genealogy family history/photo book for my sister’s 60th birthday next month and when I copy/pasted the text from Word into Shutterfly’s text boxes, it left out every single apostrophe and em-dash. I had to go through all that tiny text hunting for all the “Shes from Germany” or “He had his moms height” to try to fix them all. I’m PRAYING that I caught them all because it will irk me forever if I missed some, but I’m not paying to print that book a second time. But also? I’m not a literal publishing house! Six years later? That’s appalling.

  3. Kim Aippersbach

    I quite liked this book, and I’m looking forward to reading the sequel. Also, Dragonfruit looks awesome and I just put it on hold at the library. And now I’ll have to get Year of the Reaper, too!

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