Update: Wow, this is tedious

Okay, so, RIHASI. What with the second round of comments, I started adding more words, and then I got fretful and annoyed about that because the length started to push 180,000 words AGAIN, and I don’t want to go over that length.

Though you know where I would break this story if I did it as two novels? Smack dab in the middle, of course, and you know what would be going on at that point? The STAB STAB STAB scene, that’s what. It would make a FABULOUS cliffhanger. Here we are, poised for that duel! And … break! Next month: how the duel actually comes out!

However, no need to worry, as I don’t have any intention of breaking this book in half. It works much better as a whole long story. Which is why the dratted thing is NOT going to go over 180,000 words and why I was getting so peeved about adding words.

Just one book for sure

Therefore, I spent a lot of the weekend reading through it from the top and (a) incorporating comments, but also (b) cutting yet again. Cutting is a lot easier if you start by chopping out an entire chapter. I didn’t do that with this book, so yay, I guess, but also, that means a lot of sentence-by-sentence trimming, which is getting to be pretty darned tedious by this time. EVEN THOUGH IT IS FINE, because it does result in a tighter novel.

This is reminding me so much of cutting the heck out of TASMAKAT. Though I suppose overall it’s not that bad, I’ve definitely cut a good 30,000 words by now. AND I have ALSO incorporated MOST of the comments, clarifying this and that, about what Soretes is doing — he is offstage during this story, but very busy — and about Sekaran and Illiethani — you mostly haven’t met her, she is Sekaran’s daughter. She’s a tough-minded young woman. We meet her here in order to set her up for later. And, I don’t know, other stuff. Things. Whatever. I had another bulleted list for a while, but it’s mostly all taken care of now.

AND, now it is back under 175,000 words, and I feel a lot better about it. If I add another couple of thousand words at this point, fine.

NEXT: fixing all the typos everyone has found so far, sending myself a new copy and making a new paperback copy. I should be able to do that tomorrow, or maybe the next day.

My mother is reading this book cold, she had no idea about the plot, so she keeps calling me to say things like, “I can’t believe she actually [redacted]!” and this is fun for me. I do enjoy imagining reader reactions. I’m especially happy that RIHASI seems so propulsive to a lot of early readers. It’s delightful to hear that it kept someone up all night. That’s a huge compliment, on a par with, “And I immediately went back to the beginning and read it again!”, which is another huge compliment.

I hope I’ll be ready to make the hardcover and epub versions this weekend. No doubt there will still be a handful of typos to correct after that, but hopefully not THAT big a handful.

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