In Memorium

For years, I’ve suggested that writers interested in traditional publishing should go read through some of the archives at Janet Reid’s website.

Previously, I used to suggest that people should go look at Miss Snark’s archives — without knowing that this blog was also Janet Reid.

For years, I’ve suggested that authors working on query letters should go read some examples of queries and the comments at Janet Reid’s other website, Query Shark.

I knew that she hadn’t been posting a lot this year. But, when I glanced in today, I was sorry to see this In Memorium post.

Janet Reid wasn’t my agent, and I had my first publishing contract before I ever heard of Miss Snark or Query Shark or anything. But I don’t know of anybody who was more helpful to everyone trying to learn about publishing and hoping to land a traditional publishing deal.

Many comments at the linked post.

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2 thoughts on “In Memorium”

  1. I am sorry for your loss, and for everyone who will miss her.

    And I’m also going to point out that memoria is feminine so the phrase is properly “in memoriAm.”

    (I find it hard to turn off the proofreader instinct.)

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