Whew, that took forever

All right, so the FIRST thing I did after sending RIHASI to a few more early readers and to proofreaders was … you can probably guess …

…. I finally finished that story about the boys who climbed the rainbow.

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It didn’t take that long to finish this story, and I knew it wouldn’t take that long, but I just could not pull myself away from RIHASI long enough to actually do it. Well, now it is done, and I can move on, whew.

Also! Now that this story is complete, I can drop the second half into the May newsletter, so I have created that newsletter and scheduled it to be sent early Monday morning. If you would like to get these newsletters, sign up here. The monthly newsletters carry information about upcoming releases, upcoming sales, occasionally mentions of books I have read that I particularly recommend, occasionally a link to a book- or writing-related service or blog I particularly like, and installments of stories that range (so far) from about 3000 words up to about 6000 words. That is, the installments. The stories are running longish, so I am breaking them into pieces for the newsletters.

“The Boys Who Climbed the Rainbow” is about 11,000 words total; the first part was about 5000 words and this next part is about 6000 words. The whole thing, complete, will be dropping at my Patreon next week, a day or so after the newsletter goes out. These stories are available for anyone who chooses the lowest paid level of support. That tier pretty much exists in order to let anybody who wants those stories to download them so that newsletter subscribers won’t be stuck with the back half of a story and no way to get the front half.

Maybe I should write a story in a different world next. We’ll see.

Next up:

A) I need to send RIHASI to the kindle app on my phone so I can read it in that form and make a thousand little tweaks.

B) I need to re-read NO FOREIGN SKY because I want to write the first chapter of the sequel and have it sitting here. I am a lot more likely to go on and write a book once I have the first chapter or two actually written. I want to get this sequel kind of in my head.

That is what I want to do in May. Everything else is optional. Maybe … I realize this is a weird idea … maybe I will actually read some books that have been languishing on my TBR pile since last year. Or the year before. Or longer than that.

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2 thoughts on “Whew, that took forever”

  1. I would love a short story about Hanaiki from The Sphere of the Winds, something about cooking. I would also love a story about the man and wife who were robbed by Emel and Jenna in the Death’s Lady trilogy. I would love a novel about Araene– a romance! but you know that, already.

  2. Alison, I really like the idea of doing a story about Haniki from the Floating Islands. That’s a great idea! It would be ESPECIALLY great as a prelude to writing and bringing otu a third FI novel. That is possibly on the horizon, but not this year.

    SOMEDAY, if and when I write another DL novel, we will find out abut that couple, so I’m kinda saving it for that.

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