Second Monday Update: Puppies!

Okay, so Canva is really super handy if you want to put a lot of photos together into a single image. I did try to get a single picture of all the puppies sitting up and facing the camera at the same time, but it was hopeless. All five puppies sleeping, sure. That’s cute too, but it doesn’t exactly let you admire their adorableness.

So, here, the puppies, seven weeks old!

Do you remember the names? No, of course not, why would you, and they are complicated names, so this is:

Top Left: Anara Sestina Starlight Way. Not timid, but a little cautious. You have to earn Star’s trust. Possibly a natural retrieve? Definitely strong attraction to people.

Bottom Left: Anara Another Summers Day. Thoughtful is the exact word. He is just like his mother. When presented with something puzzling, Day sits down and looks at it, and you can see the wheels turning in his head. Morgan was exactly the same at his age. Exceptionally easy-going, which is why he is letting Clair push him around in that other picture.

Center: Anara Symphony Ode To Joy. Possibly not quite as frightful as I’m making her sound. Just utterly confident. Joy is the kind of puppy who hurls herself forward without quite looking to see how far down it might be.

Top Right: Anara Serenade A Little Night Music. I don’t know why I didn’t think of “Muse” from the beginning as a call name. Although he doesn’t have quite the thoughtful attitude of Day, so maybe that’s why. Anyway, a trusting puppy who is sure everyone wants to be his friend.

Bottom Right: Anara Suite Bergamasque Clair De Lune. She’s ten ounces smaller than the others, which is a lot for puppies this size. But she’s confident and outgoing, though not quite as full-speed-ahead as her sister. She should wind up a normal size for the breed, but on the smaller end of the spectrum. That’s a guess based on the six other puppies I’ve had that were her size at this age.

How did they turn out in terms of being not just cute, but correct?

They look great. Star may have the nicest head, but all of them look very nice. Clair has a level bite right now, but it may well correct. Puppy bites come and go. The others are correct right now. Of course Day has that uneven face marking, but if you ignore that, he is really, really nice. I would definitely show him if I kept him.

I don’t know who has the best structure. I think they all have excellent structure. We really judge that at eight weeks, not seven, but I’m pretty sure. They have all been trotting since five or six weeks, no bunny-hopping at all, always a good sign. They all tend to stand in a stacked position, also a very good sign. Sometimes Muse carries his tail high, but he is a boy; they do that when they’re strutting. Honestly, I think they are all show quality. If I were picking the most promising on appearance alone, I think it would be Star. For showy attitude, Joy because of pizzazz or maybe Day because he is probably going to be emotionally bombproof. But any of them would do fine. They are all great examples of the breed.

I believe they are all spoken for at this point, which is kinda breaking my heart, to tell you the truth. Of course one never quite knows until the actual moment, because people do sometimes change their minds, but some will certainly be leaving me in the next few weeks. First puppy vaccinations in just one week! And they will start to leave me after that! Time passes so fast!

By “all” I mean not quite all, as I definitely plan to keep Joy. I love her attitude, and with Haydee to keep her exercised, her pizzazz will be fun rather than tiring. So, definitely lively puppy antics for the foreseeable future! But it’s going to be really tough to see the others go!

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  1. They all look so cute!

    I think the original Greek muses were all female, maybe that’s why the name didn’t spring to mind for a boy.

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