Multiple Updates This Monday

First, the writing update.

But later, after I have time to fiddle with this and that in Canva, a puppy post, with many very cute puppy pictures because wow, are they in the cute stage at this point. They are seven weeks old today.

Writing Update:

Okay, so you remember I said I felt somewhat under the weather LAST weekend? That turned out to be a cold that got quite a lot worse. I was not completely miserable because, I mean, I was taking lots of Excedrin, but I was also going through boxes of kleenix and lots of cough drops and basically what I am saying is: not a great week overall. In that sense.

However, to my surprise, rather than picking up a comfort read, such as something by Sharon Shinn or something by Ilona Andrews or something by LMB, I kind of … turned out to … prefer … comfort writing.

I know! I didn’t see that coming either! But rather than picking up a comfort read, I picked up Untitled Tano II and wrote the next two and a half chapters and boom, that book is now a bit past 100 pages (about 32,000 words or so), and, I mean, I really did not expect to do that. I actually meant to start this book maybe this coming December. But here we are.

I mean, I do want to set it aside and finish SILVER CIRCLE. But still. I am now thinking I may aim to release Untitled Tano II maybe this coming January. That is a guess. But I have never released anything in January, my royalties are always pathetic in January, and it would be nice to try a release at that point and see if I can kick the next year into gear a little faster. This is all highly uncertain and depends on lots of unpredictable things. We’ll see.

Meanwhile! Much more certain: RIHASI.

I sent RIHASI to the first few early readers one week ago, and to my astonishment everyone turned it around in six days or less — including one person who read the WHOLE THING ON MONDAY and sent me comments on Tuesday, which is astonishing. I love you all, and I particularly love you when you say, “It’s great, just how about these very simple little tweaks that you can totally do in a couple of days even while still recovering from a cold.”

So I will be sending the new! improved! version to the second set of early readers tomorrow, probably.

And do you know what that means? That means I will be essentially finished with this book BEFORE MAY. Sure did not see that coming.

All of May will then disappear into tweaking and endless proofreading, but it is now certain that I will be dropping this book at my Patreon June 2, where it will sit for three weeks or so. I’ll set the drop date at Amazon for July 2, and I’ll be putting RIHASI up on Amazon for preorder later today or tomorrow or sometime soon, whenever I have a free moment.

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2 thoughts on “Multiple Updates This Monday”

  1. It sounds as if completing Silver Circle may feel more like a chore, while the Tuyo world feels more like your favorite playground, where you love to spend time.
    I’m glad you enjoy it and it even gives you the energy to keep going during that nasty cold. You know we love to read the stories you develop there.

  2. This next part of SILVER CIRCLE will be a chore, yes. It’s the slowly unrolling plot climax which of course moves into the fast, dramatic plot climax. A LOT of moving pieces have to click into place and IT IS GOING TO BE A PAIN, and also, I’m less interested in the plot climax than the various relationships working themselves out. That’s just generally true.

    However, to be fair, there are a lot of neat scenes in SILVER CIRCLE that I am going to enjoy re-reading, and when I have re-read the first 210,000 words, I hope the rest of it will then unroll relatively smoothly.

    RIHASI was decidedly more difficult than MARAG. It’s more complicated and longer, but it was also just more difficult, a lot more like a non-Tuyo-world story. I’m almost sure this is because the characters were less familiar to me to begin with and because the summer country is less thoroughly explored than the winter country, so it actually was, no kidding, just more like writing a book set in a different world. Except after Aras shows up. If the story had been set in a different world, I would have had a much harder time cutting the Gordian knot around which this story turns.

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