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Just letting you know that I’ve dropped the first chapter of RIHASI over at my Patreon, in case you’d like to click over and read it. I know not everyone likes teasers! I don’t usually read them myself! But if you enjoy teasers, there it is!

It’s coming along, honestly! Despite puppies and eclipses, I’m close to halfway through the first cut / primary revision.

I’m also posting more puppy videos and pictures at my Patreon than appear here.

Yes, I had to figure out how to get videos off my phone so that I could post them; yes, that was annoyingly indirect; yes, YouTube videos explaining simple things in simple words are helpful for those of us who don’t know that the Google drive is a thing you can use to email yourself videos that can’t be attached like a normal picture.

Anyway, short puppy videos probably every couple of days at my Patreon for the next little while, as they grow and change and get tremendously cute and delightful.

Meanwhile, here’s a cute picture I took this morning. This poofy dog bed is meant to keep the puppies from getting on the tile, because they have a little trouble walking on tile. However, they apparently decided it would be a fun thing to climb, defeating the purpose but creating this cute scene. Only the rubies could have gotten up there; the others are too fat to climb on something like that.

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  1. I can see how maybe this first chapter of Rihasi would less likely to grab a new reader, because it hints at a lot of mysterious plot things (what kinds of financial shenanigans are Rihasi’s family involved in? Just how many and how horrifically awful are the illicit things her father and brothers are doing? What does it mean for a girl to be “sequestered”? Why is Rihasi’s life so different from her sisters’? What kinds of dealings have she and Marathani had in the past? etc.) and protagonist plans without letting us in on what they are and what exactly she’s going to do about them (ok, it seems like her plan is to escape and tell someone about what’s going on– but is this going to be a story about her journey, or is the journey to get help only going to be a small part of the plan she has to bring her family to justice?)

    Whereas the chapter from Kior’s point of view shows him confronting a clear problem (this nice albeit somewhat mysterious young man needs an escort and Kior can’t let him hire a crooked one) and we can see pretty well how the story is likely go from there (Kior is going to get roped into escorting the young man, and probably it’s going to turn out to be a bit more dangerous and unusual a job than it looks).

    However, as someone who is absolutely, most definitely going to read Rihasi as soon as it comes out, I liked the Rihasi chapter more, because all of those unexplained hints are giving me a lot of things to chew on and wonder about while I wait for the full book.

  2. That’s great feedback, Lydia, thank you!

    That’s basically what I felt, that the second chapter was simple and direct compared to the first. Also, it gives us a glimpse of both protagonists, albeit Rihasi is in disguise.

  3. I love how the first chapter shows Rihasi’s competence, levelheadedness, sense of justice (though we don’t yet know for what exactly) and capacity for planning; as well as more of the Lau women’s setting, and the way women are often quietly helping each other to stay safe. I want to read more of her story!

    The second chapter confirms that competence and decisiveness for ‘the young man’ and gives us a look at Kior’s character, similarly competent and decisive, a protective man who also has a sense of what’s right, steps in when it’s needed, and can think fast to avoid trouble. It also gives a glimpse into the world of the mercenaries, just hinting at wider worldbuilding without going overboard, just right for a teaser for someone new to the world.

    Both increase our view of Lau society in different ways, and both protagonists are engaging/interesting (I really love competent protagonists), so from that point on I really want to read the rest of the story!

    And being able to see the puppy videos is lovely too, they are so cute :)

  4. I’m not on your Patreon, but reading the reviews from people who HAVE read the excerpt are getting me excited!

  5. Heather, I’m posting things like this first chapter for everyone, not just for paid subscribers, so if you want to read it, just pop over to the Patreon and there you go.

  6. On reading the chapter… ohshit. In modern parlance, her family’s the sodding MAFIA and she’s trying to alert the police to what’s going on without getting herself killed. I am very, very scared for her. (I also like her. A LOT.)

    I will immediately be editing the “insure” to “ensure” in my personal copy; it’s a bugbear. In New Zealand, “ensure” means “to make certain of”, whereas “insure” is solely related to money i.e. insurance. American English seems to use “insure” for both meanings and it jolts me every single time because my mind instantly goes INSURANCE. Still, easy enough to edit an ebook – it’s not like I haven’t done it before! (Also, same sentence and easy to read over… “But, ***IT*** such an official did become suspicious, other means might be used to create trouble with his eyesight and insure a clean audit.”)

  7. Heather, I KNOW. But the back of my brain thinks “insure” and “ensure” are the same. This is one of the many words I would PROBABLY catch myself, eventually, but basically everyone else would be sure to catch if I missed it.

    Regardless, this is why everything now gets read by about seven people not counting me, and why I read everything three times myself. If you only noted two obvious typos, that’s not bad in one chapter, and if you read it again, I bet you catch another ten.

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