Do not let anybody tell you not to use all the words

It’s not just “delve.” Here’s a list of the 10 Most Common ChatGPT Words

I’m not that likely to use the word “leverage” because I’m seldom talking about the uses of levers, which is almost the only context in which I would probably use that word. However, I am seriously now going to make an effort to use “delve,” “resonate,” and “tapestry.” As a side note, I knew of someone who named a beautiful dapple-gray horse Tapestry, and I thought that was such a beautiful name for that horse.

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But back to the topic. Look! Look at this article! Top 10 ChatGPT’s Favorite Words and How to Avoid Them

Emphasis mine. For crying out loud! How to avoid them! Well, God forbid you should use words that ChatGPT uses! How can anybody let themselves be bullied into not using words?

Here’s a thought: use ALL the words, and also write in such a way that no one could POSSIBLY think your text was generated by ChatGPT or any other text generator. Then, if anybody dares to suggest you’re generating text, I suggest bringing back the civilized response of a cold stare and an even colder, “I beg your pardon?”

What is the online version of that response? Is there an emoticon that indicates, “You’re a complete twit and should shut up because you’re embarrassing yourself”? If there’s not an emoticon for that, we need one. This is the exact situation in which to deploy such an emoticon.

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6 thoughts on “Do not let anybody tell you not to use all the words”

  1. Still completely infuriating. They’re not going to be happy unless we’re doing the text equivalent of caveman grunting and pointing. Or, at least, Dick-Jane-Spot levels of complexity.

    Sigh. And I thought the fact that people don’t write letters anymore was bad. Apparently people just don’t want to write at ALL!

  2. ‘Delve’ isn’t a natural fit for my WIP but now I want to find somewhere to shoehorn it in anyway.

  3. The article talks about using tapestry in a metaphorical sense which, okay, I can see that a bit cliche. But I liked the horse named Tapestry. And one of my favorite lines is from KJ Charles’s The Magpie Lord, where one of the main characters is dealing with a highly unethical lawyer and says “I am in the process of nailing Mr. Humphrey Griffin to the wall so thoroughly that future generations will mistake him for a tapestry.”

  4. Geesh, I am not going to stop using words just because a LLM uses them! And I certainly will not dumb down my vocabulary in any way unless I am talking to a literal child, and probably not even then, because the way I acquired most of my big words was through figuring them out in context, then occasionally checking the dictionary to ensure I was using said words correctly. Getting rid of words is a ridiculous solution to this problem.
    I agree with the need for a ‘you’re acting like a complete twit’ emoticon.

  5. It said “The Maze, The Manor, and the Unicorn” had a literal tapestry. Of a unicorn. What it actually has is a literal unicorn.

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