Update: Eclipses and Puppies and Cake

Before I forget: The Death’s Lady series is very much on sale this week.

This is an attempt to boost KU reads for the series from the baseline. We’ll see how it works! The KU bounce from January promotions was disappointing. I think January was probably not a good time to promote. Hopefully April will work better, especially since this series hasn’t been in KU for quite a while.

The Year’s Midnight is #1 or #2 in its categories, I see. It’s #131 in the Free Kindle Store. It would be nice to see it get into the top 100, though I don’t know how much practical difference that makes. Regardless, if you want to pick up copies, this is definitely the time. I don’t expect to put the prices down this low again for a long time.


Okay, so we had fantastic weather for the eclipse, and I hope you all did too, especially if you traveled to see it. One of the great things about having near-eighty-degree weather is that the temperature drop was VERY DRAMATIC, as dramatic as the change in the light. Really neat to look at the sky through the dogwood branches and see the shift to a different quality of blue. Absolutely amazing how little of the Sun is necessary to get daylight that looks almost but not quite normal to the eye. It’s really a tribute to how your eyes and brain compensate for tremendous variation in light intensity, so it’s really hard to tell how dim the light is until poof! it’s practically dark. And then, two minutes later, back to weirdly gray-blue sky and strange dogwood flowers. And neat crescent-shaped shadows. I do find that amazing.

It was wonderful to have such perfect weather especially for everyone who drove to southern MO to see the eclipse. They all, or most of them, got to see it, which is splendid. I know some areas had clouds and rain and that’s too bad. I think a lot of people re-routed to southern Missouri at the last minute, because I drove to town and back just after the eclipse and whoa, the local smallish highway that leads up to St. Louis was PACKED. Looked like ten-mile-an-hour bumper-to-bumper as far as the eye could see.


The puppies are SO MUCH MORE ACTIVE. Also, this morning, all of them were willing to eat a little bit of soaked kibble with formula added. I feed the pieces into their mouths individually, like feeding coins into a slot machine, in order to (a) reduce the mess as puppies walk through squishy food, and more importantly (b) keep track of which puppy is eating what. So I know for sure all of them ate a few pieces. They’re four weeks as of yesterday. By next week, I hope they will be eating well. That will be a big load off Morgan.

The cake was just a cake, but one I’d wanted to make for a long time. I couldn’t because we didn’t have enough people around to eat it. I didn’t take a picture, but it wasn’t fancy. But three layers, with lemon curd between the layers and coconut-cream-cheese frosting, with coconut flakes patted into the frosting, so that’s more fancy than a sheet cake for sure. I know I should have colored some of the coconut pink and done a crescent of colored coconut in honor of the eclipse, but alas, I didn’t think of that in time.

ALSO: Yes, slow progress on RIHASI. I’m doing the first cut combined with primary revision, and the puppies are indeed taking up some time I would otherwise put into revision. But it’s moving fine. It’s just slow and uninteresting to talk about. I’ve cut about, I don’t know, 8000 words or so thus far, so that’s a good beginning. I’m removing a minor element, which does mean saving the new version as RIHASI 3 in case I change my mind. I expect and hope that this is the highest number the draft will have before it turns into RIHASI FINAL and, eventually, just RIHASI, while all the other versions get deleted. Invictus went to INVICTUS 8, I think. It would definitely be nice never to see a number that high attacked to a draft every again.

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2 thoughts on “Update: Eclipses and Puppies and Cake”

  1. The colander shadow looks like a woven basket with all those crescents!
    I’m glad you had a good day with your eclipse visitors, with a good view and cake and puppies!

  2. We were at 91% totality here in NJ, but while it was mostly-sunny for most of the day, the clouds decided to roll in JUST as we got to the peak time, so I couldn’t really see it at all there at the best moment. It was cool, though, for what I COULD see!

    I did try the colander trick, but we didn’t have enough sun at that point to cast a shadow–really disappointing!

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