Have a great Eclipse Day!

Last time, a physics teacher I know made this image by layering images from a camera connected to a telescope, which is pretty amazing.

My favorite pictures that I took myself were of shadows:

Eclipse coming …

… and going

Pretty neat, eh? Hard to believe that was eight years ago. We had tremendous luck with weather at my house that day. The forecast for cloudy / clear weather this time has been going back and forth a good bit, so who knows whether we’ll see anything today, but here’s hoping!

At least the people coming to our place for the eclipse can console themselves with puppies if clouds appear at the wrong time. I mean, that’s something, right?

Haydee is thrilled with the babies

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1 thought on “Have a great Eclipse Day!”

  1. We were up at Indian Lake, NY, and got an unreasonably (and unseasonable) blue sky just for the event. Everyone cheered when the corona appeared. 15 or 20 minutes earlier there was light cloud; a few miles south there was overcast.
    “Sunset” in the east, and one planet and one star.

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