Out today on Amazon: MARAG

I realize you probably knew this, but here is your reminder: MARAG dropped this morning, so if you preordered a Kindle ebook, that should have appeared on your Kindle; if you would like a paper copy, those should have gone live at the same time as the ebook; and if you were waiting for MARAG to drop in KU, it should be there now.

AND! If you have read it already, this would be a GREAT TIME to post a BRIEF REVIEW. Amazon doesn’t allow reviews until the book is live; now it’s live; I would sure appreciate it if you would click through and leave a review.

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4 thoughts on “Out today on Amazon: MARAG”

  1. I just finished reading Marag. It’s glorious! Great insights into Ryo’s parents…before they became Ryo’s parents.
    Thank you for writing and sharing this book!

  2. Thank you so much, Maria! This was exceptionally fun for me because the characters were completely clear in my head. And I really enjoyed including the wolves!

  3. I’ve been trying to think what I could say for a review other than “I immediately went back to the beginning to read it again. “

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