Oh, happy April Fools Day, I guess!

I specifically moved MARAG’s release date to April 2nd just to avoid the faintest whiff of practical jokes associated with it, and as far as I’m concerned, April Fools Day is somewhere between ignorable and annoying, but then I encountered this post at Writer Unboxed, which is amusing: The Upside of Fooling

When publishing a writing advice post on April Fool’s Day, the obvious temptation is to make the whole thing about fools or foolishness, playing on the theme of the day.

I’m not going to do that.

Fooled you! Yes, I am.

Fine, so I smiled. The post is actually about “fooling yourself” in good ways. Fool yourself into progress. Fool yourself into confidence. Fool around with ideas. These are all pretty good ideas.

I mean, plenty of times, I’ve said to myself, “I’m not actually going to tackle this annoying revision. I’m just going to play a couple of games of Solitaire. That’s why I’m opening up my laptop.” Then, as Solitaire is fundamentally pretty boring, I play about three games and finally just look at the WIP and boom! Two hours later, some revision has been done.

That’s not quite what this post discusses, but it’s close.

It’s also as close as I’m going to get to doing an April Fools Day post of my own, so … happy April Fools Day, and try not to be suckered into a snipe hunt or whatever.

If you’ve actually seen a really funny April Fools Day joke, share it in the comments!

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