Happy Easter!

No real post today; back Monday with an update as usual!

Enjoy Easter, or have a nice spring weekend, or, if you’re in Australia, autumn, I suppose. Here we’re having spring —

Crabapple putting on an Easter display outside my mother’s house

The puppies are thriving, none of them need supportive care right now, and actually Easter is about the time I’ll finally let Naamah and Haydee meet the babies. Morgan is going to be suspicious of that whole idea, but tolerant. In a few weeks, she will be delighted to have other dogs take over playmate duty, as by then she’s going to be thinking of them as a cross between children and piranhas. But for now, she is still attentive and maternal.

Four puppies are actually visible here, but you may have to search a bit for the black ones — they tend to vanish unless you look carefully.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. Happy Easter! I wish things were blooming here, but there just hasn’t been enough sun the last few weeks. Oh well . . . we need the rain.

  2. happy Easter! that’s a gorgeous crabapple. We used to have one and it could be glorious in spring, if we’d had enough rain.

  3. Happy Easter! I’m glad Morgan et al are doing well and can’t wait to hear about the puppies meeting the rest of the crew : ) Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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