Finished! For certain values of “finished.”

Okay, so RIHASI is kind of finished, which is satisfying, of course, but this is “finished” in a fairly broad sense. Here is what I need to do this week:

A) So, it occurred to me that I really ought to have a scene early in the story where Kior gets to demonstrate competence. After reading through chapters two and three, I am putting that scene into chapter two. I should finish that today, it’s not like it’s going to be hard.

B) In the second to last chapter, I need to add a scene with an intimate conversation. I should be able to start that today or tomorrow and finish that scene maybe Wednesday. It shouldn’t take long; it’s not like it’s going to be hard.

C) Oops, I think I probably ended the book in the wrong place. I’m not sure why it took me 24 hours to realize that because I’m fairly sure that’s the wrong place. I need to go extend the ending a bit. It shouldn’t take long; it’s not like it’s going to be hard.

D) I wonder if maybe I need to switch half the last chapter to the other point of view. Wow, that would be annoying and tedious. I may need to switch it, save the file under a different name in case I decide to switch it back, and then give myself some time to decide which way I think it ought to me. That’s going to take practically forever, ugh.

E) I haven’t written the epilogue, but it will be short, I’m pretty sure.


So … this is the kind of finishing work and initial revision that is so important that it kind of derails the idea of “finished,” even though I THOUGHT it was basically finished Saturday.

However, moving along, moving along, it’s fine. Even if I need to switch the pov for twenty pages, although that’s horribly tedious, it doesn’t REALLY take that long, I just don’t enjoy doing it.


The puppies are indeed distracting. I’m up and down a good bit at night, rescuing a puppy that has accidentally gotten stranded behind Morgan or a puppy that is cheeping because it is cold. I’m keeping the temperature quite low so that Morgan and I don’t die of heatstroke, but that means being super, super alert for puppy cheeping and always, always responding immediately to a cold puppy. This is far less important now than it was right after birth, however, because (a) the puppies are two weeks old this morning and much more able to control their own body temperature than they were as newborns, though not nearly as capable of that as adults; and (b) the puppies are bigger and plump and thus less susceptible to cold.

Little Ruby needed lots of support from last Monday to last Friday, much less support on Saturday, and I did not tube-feed her Sunday at all. She is doing fine. ALL the big puppies started having trouble Friday, continued having trouble through most of Saturday, and were back to normal on Sunday. What happened? I have only one theory: that Morgan, though plump, was not able to make milk fast enough as the demand skyrocketed. I went right up to five times her normal amount of food. If she gains weight while nursing, that will certainly be unusual, but fine. When the puppies are being weaned, that’s the time to reduce her food.

I’m not sure that’s the reason, by the way. I looked back at Morgan’s two-puppy litter last year to see when the big, beautiful Blenheim quit nursing and got into trouble. Eighteen days. He did not nurse at all from day eighteen to day twenty-four. Then, boom, he was back to normal. No one knows what happened. We did put him on antibiotics just in case that might help. I don’t think it did, but who knows? He’s a year old and very, very beautiful; his people sent me a picture recently.


Three of the four puppies opened their eyes this morning. I took these pictures last night, so you can’t tell, but boom, open this morning. It’s the B/T puppies and the bigger ruby. The Blen will probably be next, and Little Ruby last, but we’ll see.

They are going to be SO DISTRACTING as the cuteness quotient goes through the roof!

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  1. I’m very happy that the little Ruby girl is doing well. They look so cute, all the pudgy little pups!

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