Friday Puppy Post

Because, hey, why not a regular feature for a while? Probably puppy pics will appear on Monday updates and random other posts as well.

Ruby Girl #2 and an unidentified Black and Tan — I didn’t turn the puppy over to look at the chest, so all I know is this is either Monster BT, who is gaining more than an ounce per day, a ridiculous amount for a puppy this age; or the other one, who is also gaining fast, but not that fast.

I tube-fed Little Ruby only 6 cc total yesterday and she gained 21 g for that 24 hours, right in line with all the others. She is still below the birth weight of the next smallest puppy, but she should be about that size tomorrow.

Morgan is now getting 2.5 times her normal food and that will probably be 3 times in the next day or so. Then 4 times by the end of next week. My goal is to keep her weight about where it is. I run a hand over her ribs every day to judge whether she is holding her weight. Monster Puppy is pulling as much from her as a normal three-week-old puppy. She is going to need a lot of food to keep up.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Puppy Post”

  1. So cute!! Do you think you might need to give monster bt formula at some point just to give Morgan a break?

  2. Probably not, Camille. Formula is okay, but not as good as the real thing. Between three and four weeks, some will start to wean, probably; by five weeks, even the pigs will start to wean; so that’s not so long. In the meantime, the red puppies are getting a little extra time to nurse. Which Morgan doesn’t like; she knows some are missing when I remove the BTs, but it’s not for long at a time!

    I can pour unlimited food down Morgan. By the end of weaning, I would like her just a bit thinner than she is now, so she does have a cushion. She’s an easy keeper, so she’ll gain easily if necessary.

    I’m supplementing Morgan with calcium, though, as the puppies are already a significant drain on calcium reserves. You probably know that calcium before whelping can be doubleplus ungood, but after whelping, it can be useful to reduce the risk of elampsia.

  3. That makes sense! I know very little about theriogenology but have really enjoyed learning more as I get more involved in dog fancy and conformation specifically.

    Gimli is just like his mom, easy to keep weight on! I have to be very precise measuring out his breakfast and dinner haha.

  4. I didn’t know calcium before birth could be dangerous – I’d have thought the growing baby would already need it to build bones.
    I like the idea of regular puppy updates!

  5. The theory is, calcium before birth tells the body, no need to worry about pulling calcium from storage, just forget about that, lots of calcium already! Then, when the bitch is actually nursing, she does not pull calcium from storage fast enough and boom, eclampsia.

    This is plausible, and calcium supplementation prior to birth s definitely thought to be strongly linked to eclampsia after birth.

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