Puppies, Day 3

Blen boy, Bt1, R1, R2, Bt2

Ruby 1 is the little one

How (I imagine you are perhaps asking) do I tell the whole colors apart?

Easy so far! Bt1 is black black black, not a white hair anywhere. Bt2 has a tiny white snip on his chest. Yes, I have to turn them over to check. Bt2 is way out in front now, gained from the first, packing on the grams.

R1 is barely over half the size of R2. So far they are therefore super easy to tell apart. All gained overnight except Little R1. I am now giving her 3 to 4 ccs of formula every six hours. For contrast, if she were an orphan, she would get a bit over 7 ccs every 3 hours. I judge the amount carefully. I want her to nurse strongly. The formula is to give her the strength to nurse effectively. I don’t want her declining to nurse.

I see no reason to be worried about her. It is common for one or another puppy to need a boost. I think she will be fine. The rule is, “good puppies” double their weight in seven to ten days. In practice, 11 days, or 12, is okay. I think big Bt2 will double in maybe six days. Little R1, maybe ten, but maybe a little longer.

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3 thoughts on “Puppies, Day 3”

  1. So will Bt2 technically count as a tri if s/he (which one is which?) retains the little white mark?

    Is the all-black Bt1 going to have some brown or just give up on the “tan” part?

    It’s good to hear that they’re doing well so far.

  2. No no, tri is genetically distinct. They have to have the particular allele and substantial white. That utterly trivial white mark doesn’t count. It will disappear anyway.

    By black I kinda mean, “with tan.” Solid black doesn’t exist in Cavaliers. It’s just that “black and tan” is tedious to type. But Bt1 has no white in any of the typical places — chest, throat, toes, nose, top of head.

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