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Just letting you all know that I just deleted the earlier post with the epub file and dropped a new post with the updated version.

Now utterly pristine and totally without typos, or at least closer to that ideal. I stumbled across one more typo myself, where a character’s name had changed throughout except in two places. ??? I said, because I do a find-and-replace when I change a character’s name, so how does that happen?

Well, in case you ever want to change a character’s name throughout a book, I’ll tell you a couple ways it can happen.

A) If you Find “space name space” and replace with “space new name space,” then any instance of the name with a period or comma after it will not be touched. I know I’ve made that mistake at least once, because that happened when I changed “Irra” to “Iraka” in this book. Four instances of the name didn’t change.

The reason to put spaces around things when you do a global search and replace is that if the word is embedded in a larger word, hilarity can ensue. This happened long ago in the Death’s Lady series, where I changed “arrow” to “bolt” and therefore got “spbolt” and “ybolt” and “hbolt.” Ever since, I’ve tended to put spaces around words when I do a global search and replace, and this works great except when I forget about punctuation.

The safest way to change a name is therefore with spaces, and AFTER THAT, you should do a global Find of the old name, without spaces and without Replace, and take an actual look at the few remaining instances of the old name to confirm that you want to change each instance.

Here’s another way mistakes can happen:

B) If you personally misspelled the name twice, then the misspelled version of the name will of course not be touched when you replace the name. That also happened in MARAG when I changed something or other to “Hasiro” — the name changed everywhere except in two places, where it had been misspelled and stayed misspelled.

Not sure if either of those problems resulted in the typo I tripped over last night, but my guess is probably it was a Type B error. Anyway, it’s fixed now. At least in the epub file. I need to fix it in the other three files and upload those at KDP before I forget.

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