Groundhog Day Time Loops

Here’s an interesting poll on Twitter:

And here is a post that pulls this question for discussion:

The relevant part is maybe a third of the way down a very long post with lots of links, but then you get to this question:

To answer the question completely, one must ask what are the starting conditions and other rules. If you are starting from a sufficiently terrible position with no good options, such as locked in a prison or in the middle of nowhere, you might need to spend substantial time fixing that each loop if you want to do much. It might even be impossible with perfect play.Consider this loop: A fully secured room, you can’t get out and no one can come in, one hour, but you have a desktop computer with internet access. With that loop, you can watch every movie and show, read every book, study every intellectual discipline and non-physical skill, speak to a large percentage of the world’s people.

My instant reaction: Ugh, no. I may be a very extreme introvert and a natural hermit, but I would not choose to spend centuries locked in a prison and in a time loop, even if I had the internet, as this post posits.

If you’re talking about loops of over a week in a normal situation, the whole thing is madness. Now you can go anywhere, do almost anything, learn almost anything to help you do it. I’d want to come out of the loop with the code for an aligned AGI.

Maybe? What do you think? Would you want to spend centuries in a looped week, given that you could travel and do whatever you wanted during that looped time?

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2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day Time Loops”

  1. Ugh. Is right. I much prefer my dream last night about a college with cheetah support animals.

  2. I 100% agree with your ugh for a centuries-long imprisonment.

    For longer loops, want is a rather strong word, but I can imagine spending centuries in a looped week and coming out of it sane and with a lot of cool knowledge and skills. (I’m assuming a pleasant starting point eg in my own home in a major Western city, with a reasonable amount of cash in the bank account, in good health etc)

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