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If you like, you can tell me what your favorite line is. My personal favorite is “Thank you, o king. I would be very, very grateful.”

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7 thoughts on “Fly and be free!”

  1. I’ve got three contenders for favorite line:

    “… she listened to the sky as much as to the earth or the speech of people.”

    “But even a small flame casts light into even a very great darkness.”

    “… the winds rushed in a savage, violent circle, around and around. Iron winds, bloody winds, winds filled with the slanted, yellow eyes and the white teeth of wolves, winds screaming with savage grief and loss, anger and hatred.”

    The last two are even better in context. Yours was certainly funny in context. As was this: “The king stood with his arms still folded and said nothing. Baroko exchanged a look with his son. They both folded their arms.”

    All in all, superb. Suelen was my favorite before this, now I think Marag might take that spot.

  2. That line about the winds filled with the eyes and teeth of wolves is definitely another of my favorites — just not one that made me literally chuckle as I typed it …

  3. I really liked when Her mother said, her tone dry, “Perhaps it may have been a little important and memorable.” I love how her mother talks quite a bit, but knows how to be dry and understated, as well. I laughed at this.

  4. Thanks, Alison! I was happy with that whole exchange and I’m glad someone (you? Don’t remember) pointed out that Marag’s mother ought to be present in the latter half of the story.

  5. It was me, but how you did it was exceptional. You really made her character come alive, in just a few sentences, and in a way I would never have expected. So cool!!

  6. It’s something that always startles me, actually — that an early reader can point to something OBVIOUS, that this can be really quite easy to fix, and that the end result is DRAMATICALLY improved, with honestly just a couple of paragraphs, sometimes a couple of lines. I think Marag’s mother was pretty clear to me, I just needed to set her into the story so that readers could also see her!

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