Sudden Thursday Update: Finished!

All right, so I’ll do a real post later today, but first:

I’m finished with the final proofing run and everything is formatted, ALL FOUR FILES, which was pretty tedious. I’ll be loading the final versions of the files everywhere today, and whew, that’ll be nice to have done. Release will occur as scheduled, March 2 on Patreon, unpublished there at the end of March, available on Amazon April 2.


I will shortly — I mean in another week or so — be pulling the Death’s Lady series at Patreon and dropping these books into KU, after which they will probably be exclusive to Amazon forever, or until major changes occur to how we sell books. so, I mean, if you want to become a Patron and you haven’t yet, this is absolutely the time to do it, I’m not kidding, red banner above right.

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