Regular Monday Update: Oh look, it’s a holiday

Not much today because I’m basically focusing on moving ahead with RIHASI all this weekend. Everything else is kind of being set to the side. That’s why this post is late (sorry!) and brief.

I will just say two things:

I am now past 70,000 words, and

I really, REALLY thought I would be writing the “stab stab stab” scene TODAY, but no. Maybe tomorrow! Certainly this week! Either that scene takes place closer to the end than I thought it would, or (and this seems pretty likely) the end is farther away than I might hope.

I’m still aiming for RIHASI to be about as long as MARAG turned out to be; eg, about 125,000 for the complete draft. Naturally that means it’ll probably go longer. Regardless, I should be past the halfway mark at this point.

Oh, and I’ll also be doing final-final proofing of MARAG this week and creating final version for all the files, loading the appropriate ones to KDP, and asking the artist to finalize the covers for ppbk and hardcover.

So that’s this week!

OH, and also Sherwood Smith sent me a Phoenix Feather-world novel to beta read, so I won’t be in the Tuyo-world ALL the time this week, just most of it. For those of you who are Phoenix Feather fans, this is the first book of a new duology set after TRIBUTE, which I haven’t read, but have at the top of my Kindle. I may read it before reading the new one, but I don’t really mind reading things out of order, so we’ll see. Regardless, you can definitely look forward to this upcoming duology and also, wow, I know I write fast, but I mean, not as fast as Sherwood Smith.

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