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MARAG will be released to Patreon subscribers on March 2, then will disappear from Patreon three weeks later before dropping into KU on Amazon and becoming exclusive to Amazon.

If you’d like to subscribe to my Patreon and therefore have a chance to download this and other upcoming novels early, this is a good time!


I didn’t think of this until now, but if you spot any typos in a book you downloaded from Patreon, you should tell me AT ONCE. I will correct typos and replace the epub file there, which may be handy as Amazon no longer pushes through corrections to kindle versions, at least not reliably.

Sinowa inGara cherished his first wife. But now, with his people heading for trouble, he needs the high standing he would gain from marrying again. The best choice would be a singer — preferably an inKarano singer. Only one inKarano singer is unmarried: Marag inKarano.

For ten winters, Marag has turned aside every warrior and every poet who has approached her. She knows she will become one of the foremost singers of all the tribes. She knows whomever she marries will gain great standing through that marriage. Her choice is important — too important to leave to chance. For all these winters, Marag has asked the gods to send her a sign when the right man comes to sit by her fire and ask for her favor.

The gods have never sent her that sign.

This winter, Sinowa catches Marag’s attention the moment he arrives at the Convocation grounds, far to the east of inGara lands. But almost at the same moment, a different problem compels her attention — and his.

Wolves have been singing in the mountains since the Convocation began, bringing good luck and showing the favor of the gods. But now some mysterious curse has come upon the wolves … and that ill luck may be spreading, carried from the mountains on a bitter wind. As the curse intensifies, even the strength of a warrior and the deep understanding of a singer may be hard-pressed to turn the ill luck away from the gathered people and the world.

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4 thoughts on “Quick reminder —”

  1. It’s very weird to NOT preorder your next book as soon as it’s available, but I’m looking forward to the Patreon copy! And talking it up in my group chats in the meantime.

  2. “I will correct typos and replace the epub file there, which may be handy as Amazon no longer pushes through corrections to kindle versions, at least not reliably.”

    Don’t we know it. I’m unsure whether that update to Tasmakat has hit YET… (sigh). But Calibre is such a useful wee program if you happen to know what the update is!

  3. Heather, I thought of you when I typed that line, and at least I know now that I can suggest Calibre if someone wants to make a change. Oddly, my own Kindle version did correct, which is a puzzle. There’s this complex process you have to go through now, which I haven’t looked at carefully, but you have to basically contact Amazon and say, “This is an important update, but definitely for sure not so significant that it needs to be a new edition; will you pretty please push the corrected version?” And then sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they say suspiciously, “Are you sure this shouldn’t be a new edition?” I don’t want to let myself in for that, so I’m very reluctant to make this request.

    … And maybe someday they will go back to putting an “update available” button on the Content and Devices page so individual readers can get the updated version the easy way? Who knows.

    And thanks for the preorder!

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