Congratulations to Scott Alexander

I’m late to the party here because this pointer is to a post that was published this past December, but this is possibly the funniest post about becoming a dad that I have ever read.

The humor is a slow build. And it’s something I guess I would describe as academic-style humor. Nevertheless, it’s hysterical. Because this is Scott Alexander, the post goes on and on, and every part of it is more fun than the previous part.

And, seriously, congratulations, Scott!

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Scott Alexander”

  1. Both beautiful and very funny.

    I did think of Sinowa with the last paragraph: “ Parents are supposed to teach their children the skills they need to navigate the world.” Scott complains that these skills are already obsolete for the evolving nature of jobs in the new world, but of course there are so many vastly more important skills that aren’t.

    (My wife, a high school teacher, came home complaining last night about a fellow teacher who intervened with the department and administration to raise her own daughter’s grade after the girl didn’t do so well on an exam. What happened to integrity??? I just barely resisted the urge to shove MARAG into her hands.)

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