Update: Juggling Lots of Balls at Once

A lot going on right now, including two promotions, so details about that plus links below.

Let me see if I can count the balls I’ve got in the air right now —

1) Okay, MARAG is out being proofread, and also

2), I will proofread MARAG myself as soon as I finish proofreading something for Marie Brennan, hopefully today, and

3) By “proofreading MARAG myself,” I mean tweaking at the sentence level, not just proofing.

By the way, MARAG is available for preorder, though as you know, it will drop a month early at my Patreon.

4) I will be dropping the next newsletter in a few days, Feb 7, with the last installment of Young Ryo’s story, which I bet some of you have already read via Patreon, but it’s also in the newsletter, along with

5) Information about the first promotions of the year. My royalties in January were pathetic. This always seems to happen, and I seriously, really, truly need to plan ahead well enough to release something on Jan 1 next year to see if I can kick the year into gear faster. Maybe UNTITLED: TANO II, maybe something else if that one is ready to go this year, I honestly cannot plan ahead in that much detail. For that matter, maybe UNTITLED: TANO III, who knows? By July, maybe I’ll be able to make plans that far ahead. Meanwhile,

6) There is a sale on TUYO-world books going on right now. The series promo for the Black Dog series will also be on sale starting tomorrow, Feb 6.

These promos were scheduled using the KDP tools and therefore, while the first books in the series are free everywhere, I think, others are probably only on sale in the US and UK. Later in the year I will do a promo of some kind the hard way, dropping and raising prices by hand. I really couldn’t depend on doing that this time because —

7) — I was not sure I would be excused from jury duty in St L city until very late last week. I had a letter from my mother’s doctor saying no, really, Rachel cannot be this far out of reach, her mother is frail, but the process dragged on and on and the excusal just barely got settled in time to spare me a trip to St L. So I have had a somewhat uneasy time because I couldn’t be sure whether I would be excused or not, but whew, I am not in St L right this minute, and the rest of the month now looks much, much more predictable and I hope it stays that way because I’m a big fan of a predictable, boring life. [It’s not that I necessarily object to serving on a jury, it’s that St L is eighty miles away and my mother really and truly does need me to be available. For crying out loud, they have hundreds of thousands of potential jurors right there in the city.]

I have been kind of frazzled because of the possibility of juror duty eighty miles away … in February … with Morgan quite possibly pregnant … and who knows what else, so it is a massive, massive relief to have this settled.


8) Somehow the epub of OF ABSENCE, DARKNESS had the wrong cover attached at my Patreon. I don’t know why. I had the epub file in a folder on this computer and somehow that file had the wrong cover? Which is not visible because epub files don’t show the cover, at least not on this computer. It’s baffling. I have replaced that file at Patreon, so if you downloaded this book there and you would like a version of the file with the correct cover, you should now be able to go back to Patreon and get it.

9) And yes, I also wrote the first chapter of RIHASI. The bit I wrote last year is now chapter 2. So I have the first fifty pages of this one in front of me and now I just need to get from here to the very cool stab stab stab scene and then from there to the equally cool ending. I know a bit about what happens on the way, but I guess I will be finding out a lot more in a hurry now. I guess I need to include a cat, too. Or at least, references to a cat.

10) Also, I finished the Young Ryo story back in, when? November? December? I haven’t had to worry about what to put in a newsletter for a couple of months, and whoops, now I need another story for the March newsletter. Good thing I have half the boys-who-climbed-the-rainbow story already written. I guess I should finish that this month.

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5 thoughts on “Update: Juggling Lots of Balls at Once”

  1. Yes, I was sincerely concerned that I might, fairly soon, be doing an update that said, basically, “My life now consists of driving to St Louis every day at the crack of dawn and getting home late; everything is hereby on hold until further notice.” I didn’t dare put through the preorder for MARAG until the deferral came through. The minute I got the email that said “deferred until further notice,” I dropped the preorder at Amazon.

    I mean, OBVIOUSLY my mother needs me available. We have no other family in this state. It seemed unlikely that the deferral would not go through. But I wasn’t SURE, so this is a pretty big relief.

  2. I’m glad the jury duty people accepted that you were needed elsewhere. My mother kept getting summoned for jury duty. Over and over again.
    I pointed out she was 99 years old — they still wanted her to show up.
    I mentioned that she was living in a different county and had been for over a year — they still wanted her to show up.
    I showed them proof she was living in a memory care facility with Alzheimers — they still wanted her to show up.

    It wasn’t until I got her hospice doctor to write them a letter that they grudgingly agreed she could be excused.

  3. Thanks, Evelyn, and sheesh. That’s exactly why I was worried and putting off dropping MARAG into Amazon as a preorder: because I was afraid they’d be very unreasonable. Although I didn’t actually imagine anyone could be as unreasonable as the people you were dealing with! Seriously: SHEESH.

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