Up for Preorder: MARAG

Okay, here we go! Now available for preorder:

Remember, this title will be available on my Patreon a month or so before it goes live on Amazon.

I chose April 2 for the release date on Amazon, but I’m sending this book to proofreaders now, so I expect it should certainly be ready to go March 2 at the latest.

New back cover copy! This is what the description says at Amazon. I can easily tweak it, so if something seems off about this, let me know. Your feedback about this is always very helpful, as you’ll see from the way I revised this compared to the first time you saw it:


Sinowa inGara cherished his first wife. But now, with his people heading for trouble, he needs the high standing he would gain from marrying again. The best choice would be a singer — preferably an inKarano singer. Only one inKarano singer is unmarried: Marag inKarano.

For ten winters, Marag has turned aside every warrior and every poet who has approached her. She knows she will become one of the foremost singers of all the tribes. She knows whomever she marries will gain great standing through that marriage. Her choice is important — too important to leave to chance. For all these winters, Marag has asked the gods to send her a sign when the right man comes to sit by her fire and ask for her favor.

The gods have never sent her that sign.

This winter, Sinowa catches Marag’s attention the moment he arrives at the Convocation grounds, far to the east of inGara lands. But almost at the same moment, a different problem compels her attention — and his.

Wolves have been singing in the mountains since the Convocation began, bringing good luck and showing the favor of the gods. But now some mysterious curse has come upon the wolves … and that ill luck may be spreading, carried from the mountains on a bitter wind. As the curse intensifies, even the strength of a warrior and the deep understanding of a singer may be hard-pressed to turn the ill luck away from the gathered people and the world.


NEXT: I bet I start RIHASI this weekend.

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7 thoughts on “Up for Preorder: MARAG”

  1. I can’t wait to read this one!

    So kinda unrelated, something I’ve been wondering about preorders and KU. What’s better for an author? More KU reads or more preorders? What if a reader reads the book on KU first and then buys it?

  2. I’ll be buying the paper edition as usual, so I can’t pre-order, but I’ll buy it as soon as it’s available. I assume there will be a hardcover like the other Tuyo books.

  3. I like this version of the back cover copy! Everything I wasn’t sure about previously was either fixed, or reading the book persuaded me I was wrong.

    I am excited for everyone else to get to read this book! (And to see what changed in the final draft, that’s probably my favorite part of being an early reader.)

  4. Mona, the royalties are usually best for paper, a little lower or about the same for the ebook, decidedly lower for KU. BUT, there are a lot of KU readers and KU pages read makes up slightly over half my royalties.

    The spike in pre-order sales means Amazon shows the book to KU readers; the slower build in KU pages read keeps that going; both are good. When KU pages read fall too far, that’s when a promotion is helpful. Ideally, you arrange promotions so that sales and pages read build over five or three days rather than spiking up front and then falling. Usually but not always that results in a big increase in KU pages read for a good while. Usually but not always, a promotion pays for itself in direct sales; the boost in KU is then important in generating actual profit.

    I greatly appreciate readers who read the book in KU and then buy it to keep — that’s both the best in royalties and the most flattering.

  5. I do like having a physical copy – I’ve been slowly buying every one of your recent books, and I gifted No Foreign Sky to two of my brothers this Christmas. But I also usually buy the ebook first in order to read it faster. :D

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