Good time to join my new Patreon!

Okay, thank you to everyone who subscribed to my Patreon, downloaded something, and confirmed for me that the files are indeed downloading properly! It sounds like probably they are, though apparently some tech bobbles may be occurring around the edges.

For the rest of February, all the files currently available to subscribers at the middle tier (Early Access Patrons) will remain available. This includes the four Death’s Lady books. I’m thinking of this as a nice thing for early subscribers as well as a way to make sure Patreon is working properly before upload MARAG to Patreon. It’s also a way of modeling how I intend to use Patreon: to enable early access of books that are soon going to become exclusive to Amazon.

Therefore, if you don’t have the Death’s Lady books and think you would like them, this is very much the best time and place to pick them up.

My current expectation is that I will unpublish these books there March 1 and (I think this is pretty likely) drop MARAG into Patreon at the middle tier March 2. Having been unpublished everywhere by then, the Death’s Lady books should be eligible for KU, and they will then become exclusive to Amazon for the foreseeable future. I will then run a sale for this series, but they will never again all be available for $5 the way they are right now at my Patreon.

So, MARAG will hopefully go live on Patreon March 2. If that goes as planned, it will be unpublished there at the end of March and become exclusive to Amazon on April 2. I haven’t put it up for preorder because certain things may be complicating my life and at the time I write this, I’m not sure I can absolutely for certain commit to that release date. I’m also delaying putting it up for preorder there until people have a chance to notice I have a Patreon. However, probably MARAG will go live for preorder in early February.

And I’m very much looking forward to that, let me tell you.

I’m also hoping to have RIHASI ready to go in April / May, but obviously that is just a hope, not a plan, since I have only written part of the beginning of that book so far. It won’t go as fast as MARAG because, I mean, this isn’t Christmas Break and so obviously I don’t have as much time to pour into it. Nevertheless, as I say, I would like to have it ready to go in the early part of the year, not that long after MARAG.

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