Something New: Patreon

Okay, so, I will be trying something new this year!

Have I mentioned I dislike figuring out how to do new things online? I really hate figuring out how to do new things online. But! I think there are some really obvious, really big advantages to trying out Patreon:

* Patreon appears to be the simplest way to make ebooks available to all readers everywhere before dropping each ebook into KU and making it exclusive to Amazon. Unlike distributing ebooks through Draft to Digital, I should be able to make each new ebook available via Patreon and then make it unavailable, click, done, without worrying about some platform failing to unpublish it and thus causing potentially serious problems with KU terms of service. My intention is to drop each new book into Patreon for two weeks or a month before it becomes available via Amazon.

* Patreon gives me a way to make the stories otherwise available only in my newsletter available to anybody. This is especially important as I’m bringing out stories in installments. What if someone subscribes to my newsletter now and gets only parts 4 and 5 of Ryo’s story about stealing the tiger pelt? That isn’t great, and it’s not what I intended when I thought of putting stories in the newsletter.

* Patreon takes 8% off the top rather than 30%, so it would be nice to have people subscribe to Patreon.

SO, what I have up now are the following:

A) The complete story about the fox and the boy –> Word file –> Tier One

B) The complete story about young Ryo stealing the tiger pet –> Word file –> Tier One

C) The ebook of The Year’s Midnight –> epub file –> Tier Two

And what I really, really need to know are the following:

DOES THE LINK WORK? Everything blue in this post has the same link. If you click on the link, does it take you to the right place?

DOES THE PAGE LOOK OKAY? Do you see anything obvious that I plainly did wrong or failed to do with this page? I looked carefully at multiple Patreon pages and I think I did this right, but maybe not!

DO THE FILES DOWNLOAD PROPERLY? If anybody who joins at any tier would kindly check whether the Word files download properly, I would be grateful. If anyone who joins at the middle tier would kindly try downloading The Year’s Midnight to make sure the epub file downloads properly, I would be even more grateful. Patreon SAY it supports epub files, but I would like to make sure.

If all of this works properly, then my goal is to drop an epub of MARAG into Patreon in March and then unpublish it there and drop it into Amazon / KU in April. If something doesn’t work properly on Patreon, my goal is to fix it and follow the same schedule, but if it takes longer to get something fixed than I hope, that would be awkward. That’s why I’m putting The Year’s Midnight there right now, to check and see if epub files work before I try it with MARAG. This is also why I haven’t picked a preorder date for MARAG on Amazon. I can’t do that until I can see if all the rest of this is going to work properly.


I’m going to pull the Death’s Lady ebooks everywhere else and drop them into KU. I have hit the unpublish buttons everywhere. What I’m going to do, if all goes well, is drop all four of the Death’s Lady books into Patreon until maybe the end of March, then nix them there and drop them into KU and run a sale on them once they’re on KU.

At the end of the year, I’m going to assess how the Death’s Lady series did exclusive versus how it did wide, but my very strong presumption is that royalties on this series will be much, much higher exclusive. If I didn’t think that was going to happen, I’d leave them wide.


Many thanks to commenter Allan S, who told me about Glynn Stewart using Patreon this way. I’m not doing it exactly the way Glynn does it, but I wouldn’t have thought of Patreon at all except for Allan’s comment.

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12 thoughts on “Something New: Patreon”

  1. Seems to be working fine with one small issue.

    Downloaded the 2 word docs and the epub file. E-mailed the epub file to my kindle and it works there fine (cover appears and everything). The title shows up as NeumeierRachel-YearsMidnight-EPUB. Pretty sure that other epubs I’ve e-mailed to my kindle switch to their real name, not the file name, when they’re loaded.

  2. It’s great that you’ve joined Patreon! Yes the link works and the Word docs download without any issues (they are readable on my phone & everything).
    Your page looks fine. Some authors have a welcome note at the top of the Membership tab, but I’m not sure that’s important.
    I’m looking forward to reading more Tuyo stories when they come out!

  3. Subscribed! I can open the Word doc of Ryo’s story but can’t seem to figure out how to get MIDNIGHT to my Books app. (This is likely an Apple / me problem rather than an issue with the Patreon).

  4. Exciting! I started followed Sherwood Smith on Patreon a while back and have not been disappointed. Am looking forward to seeing you there as well!

  5. I didn’t realise you were on Patreon!
    The links in this post took me to Patreon, on your homepage where I could sign up immediately.
    I did so, and the next time the link took me to your homepage the content was unlocked.
    I’ll try downloading and opening the stories as soon as I’m on my home computer.

    I’m very happy you found this way to provide non-Kindle (early) access to your books, and keep the newsletter stories safe and together for later readers. When you’ve accumulated enough pf them you can turn them into a regular e-book to sell, but this way it’s easier to (re)read them until that happens.

  6. Hanneke, I have been thinking for a while that I really, really needed to find a way to provide non-Amazon buyers with a way to get ebooks before they go exclusive. I’m happy about that no matter what else happens with this Patreon, but hopefully it will also turn into a bonus income stream.

  7. I hadn’t expected it to work on my phone, but I just downloaded the Word docx and epub files, and I could open and read both, even though I don’t have Word installed on my phone.

    I love the rest of Ryo’s story, both how it shows his Ugaro woodcraft skills, and his thoughful ending to the raid – and then that realisation at the end!
    It must have been a joy to write; I’m still grinning and chuckling about it.

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