Okay, whew, crazy week

All right, so you know how this past Monday I said I didn’t want to jinx MARAG and therefore I didn’t want to discuss it?

Well, that jinxed it, so I mean, wow, the universe was listening to me pretty closely, I guess.

There’s no telling how this will work out, obviously, because lots of things can and do go wrong (I’ve seen most of those things personally, I sometimes feel), but Morgan was due to come into season in February.

Well, this past Monday, Conner told me she was probably in, and not only that, but probably it was just about time to think seriously about breeding her. Morgan has nearly “silent” heats, so I rely on the boys to tell me these things, so I whipped her to the vet to do a progesterone, and long story short, the rest of this week disappeared in a blur. I needed to do this breeding by artificial insemination, the stud dog is three hours from me, and the repro vet there couldn’t work me in on super short notice. MY extremely excellent repro vet ALWAYS works me in, so I drove to Paducah, picked up the stud dog, drove home, did another progesterone, called my repro vet to ask him to work me in this morning, and therefore I just got home with the dog and Morgan, mission accomplished.

Here’s the dog:

Ch. Closeburn Red Fox at the Front

And I assure that although he looks nice here, he looks much, much more spectacular in person. Good thing his owner knows me well enough to trust me with him for a few days. I will now consult weather predictions and take him home again whenever the weather looks like it will present me with a seven-hour window of round-trip good weather during daylight hours.

One of my favorite pics of Morgan

Oh, if you’re interested, the chance of black/tan puppies from this breeding is 3/8, the chance of rubies is 3/8, the chance of tricolors (black and tan with white) is 1/8, and the chance of blenheims (red and white) is 1/8. That is, of course, provided she has puppies at all. What I would most like is a ruby girl to keep. This puppy need not be show quality, because I am (a) done showing, and (b) done breeding. This will be my last litter. People are nodding indulgently and telling me sure sure, but no, I’m perfectly certain. This is it. Breeding is extremely stressful and quite time consuming and fairly expensive, and this is it. One more litter, one puppy to keep, period.

These should be very pretty puppies! Morgan has produced very nice puppies previously, to my Ishmael, and Red Fox has a lovely seven-week-old litter on the ground plus a litter of tiny newborns. A month till I can do an ultrasound to see whether or not she is pregnant.


MARAG really is going pretty well. Hopefully saying so won’t jinx it again, in perhaps some less desirable way.

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5 thoughts on “Okay, whew, crazy week”

  1. Crossing all of my fingers that Morgan has a beautiful, healthy litter with a perfect ruby girl for you! I definitely understand the decision to stop breeding but your dogs and puppies will definitely be missed. I will have to ask you for suggestions for other breeders to send my midwest/southern veterinary colleagues to in the future.

  2. I can provide suggestions, Camille; starting with Red Fox’s owner, who just had a litter of five boys three days ago and would be very pleased to hear from good pet owners interested in boys. Three ruby, two blen, but one was very tiny and may fade.

    Anyway, always happy to help connect good puppy owners with good breeders!

  3. I’ll reach out the next time I see someone looking! I’m in a facebook group for veterinarians who are also cavalier enthusiasts so the topic of breeder referrals comes up regularly : )

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