Update: Audiobook sale, plus a new book out you might like

Boring update for Silver Circle: I’m still moving forward. Getting closer to the end! But not there yet, arrgh!

BUT, there IS an ongoing sale for the audiobook of Tuyo: The Audiobook is only $7.89 here at Chirp and at Audiobooks Now.

This is the first time I’ve poked at Findaway Voices to see how to run sales. It’s not exactly super obvious how to do sales, or at least, it’s not clear how to find out whether the sale price has been accepted except to go to the various distributers and look. I requested a drop to half the ordinary price at all four of the distributers for which that’s possible, but as far as I can tell, price dropped only at the two above. Not sure, though, so if you ordinarily get audiobooks somewhere else and you think you might like this one, you might check and see. The sale price ought to last till Christmas.


I know some of you are fans of the Phoenix Feather quadrilogy, which I also loved.

Here’s a new novel set in that world. That link goes to BVC, but it’s also available on Amazon, of course, and no doubt everywhere else as well.

Bu is twelve and near-sighted, an unwanted daughter sent to a music audition. If she fails, she’s on her own. Elderly Granny Zim, who knows that soon she must retire as head of the music academy, is fascinated by YinYin, a student who might not be human. YinYin and Bu become friends.

Life is settling down when warships show up on the horizon. It’s the imperials, here to demand tribute. They take Bu, YinYin, and Granny Zim to a new, uncertain life in the troubled empire, where their only skill is their music.

But Granny Zim knows that music is a knife without a hilt….

I don’t know that this description is especially catchy, but on the other hand, I loved the Phoenix Feather series, so I don’t care, I will certainly read this eventually. This is Book One. My response: I might wait to read it until the whole series is out. Especially because, I mean, this is Sherwood Smith. She’s stunningly fast. If it’s also going to be part of a quadrilogy, then I bet all three of the remaining books are out by this time this year.

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2 thoughts on “Update: Audiobook sale, plus a new book out you might like”

  1. So glad she’s writing more in that world! But, yes, I’ll buy now and try to restrain myself from reading until at least the next book is out (though I have very poor impulse control when it comes to books!)

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