Flash sale!

If you already own copies of all my books, yay, thank you! And this is the day to pick up stocking stuffers for all your friends! Just hit “buy for others” and pick Christmas as the date and there you go, a nice handful of extra gifts, which I hope aaaaalllll your friends and relatives will enjoy.

If you’ve been waiting to pick up anything, this is a good time for the following:

Tuyo, The Year’s Midnight, No Foreign Sky, and Invictus: Captive should all be $0.99 today.

Other book in the Tuyo series, the Death’s Lady series, and Invictus: Crisis have also dropped in price; again, just for this sale.

The Death’s Lady omnibus, which contains the first three books, will drop in price to match the three individual books.

Since the Death’s Lady series is not in KU, I will lower the price for these books everywhere, though the links above go to Amazon.

The Black Dog omnibus, which contains the first three books plus the first eight shorter stories, will also drop in price, to $7.99. That is quite a deal, if I do say so myself.

This isn’t quite as much a flash sale as this term implies. Because I lowered prices by hand, I did that this past Friday afternoon to be as sure as possible prices would be down by today. And for the same reason, I will raise prices probably tomorrow, but as I will do it by hand and therefore again there may be a lag before the prices come back up. If you noticed price changes before today or a lag in price changes after today, that’s why. However, this is the day for which I was actually aiming and prices will come back up pretty soon, though not sharp at midnight tonight.

Also! I nearly forgot to release this edition in time, but I’m also bringing the Invictus duology out as a boxed set (ebook only). It should be available by the time you see this post. Amazon only, sorry, and hope I will have things arranged next year so that anyone who wants ebooks of any new releases, but not from Amazon, will be able to get those books via an alternate platform prior to the book dropping into KU.

I’m matching the price of the boxed set to the sale price of the duology, so it’s $7.99 for the set today. I’ll raise the price of the boxed set when I raise all the other prices, so probably tomorrow.




I have no control over the prices of traditionally published titles, but at the time I type this, nothing here is over $10. I’m linking to the Amazon ebooks, but all of the titles below are available everywhere.

The City in the Lake is down to $4.99, an extremely good price for a Random House title.

The Floating Islands is not particularly on sale, but if you would like it, there it is. Here is the sequel, The Sphere of the Winds.

Here is The Keeper of the Mist — this is an unusually good price. $6.99.

Here is The White Road of the Moon.

Here is The Griffin Mage trilogy.

Here is House of Shadows and the sequel, Door Into Light.

Here is The Mountain of Kept Memory. Better than typical price; $7.99.

Here’s Winter of Ice and Iron; also a good price; also $7.99

Here’s my collection, Beyond the Dreams We Know.

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2 thoughts on “Flash sale!”

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am trying Invictus #1… and the lead-in to Death’s Lady #1 was so good that I’ve actually gone for the omnibus. Tuyo and No Foreign Sky, I already had. And since you say that The Mountain of Kept Memory is a better-than-typical price right now… and because I loved the short story of that world that’s in Beyond the Dreams We Know… I’ve picked up that one as well.

    The Floating Islands, however, is continuing to wait on my wishlist, since I’ve pretty much blown my entire budget buying Your Books On Sale. :-)

    Thank you once again, SO MUCH, for being willing to create a sale that *everyone* can access!

  2. Heather, I’m happy to do it, and I’m glad you reminded me to do it! I’ve never done a one-day Christmas sale before, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works — and I’m glad you had this chance to pick up this and that! I hope you enjoy Mountain; it’s one of my personal favorites.

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