Update: same old, same old, here have a story

So, yes, still December, nothing worth mentioning.

OH, except my mother is 88 today, so happy birthday to her!

But other than that, still just moving forward with Silver Circle, which yes, is almost certainly going to be a continuing project all month. That’s going to make updates boring, so I’m going to toss other stuff into these posts.

And! I was listening to a Lingthusiasm podcast this weekend, and they referred to this story:

“And Then There Were (N – 1)” by Sarah Pinsker.

All the Sarah Pinskers from four hundred realities or so get together for a Sarah Pinsker convention.

I tried to change the subject before she told me Seattle was gone in this reality too. “So why is this being held on Secord Island?”

“Everyone asks.” She smiled, showing gapped teeth. She’d never gotten braces. “It’s a sovereign island off the east coast of Canada. You know Canada?”

I nodded, wondering what variation had prompted that question.

It’s a fun story — a 24,000-word murder mystery. Click through and enjoy it.

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  1. Thanks, Hanneke and Mary! We’re definitely all happy that she’ll be in good health this Christmas!

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