Look at this, it’s December

Well, November certainly swished past in a hurry. I’m pretty happy because even though Silver Circle is stretching out and out and out, I did write just about exactly 60,000 words in November. Looking at my notes for this book, I note that I wrote 30,000 words in September and 40,000 in October. Those are oddly round numbers. Glad to see I did manage to punch up the wordcount pretty well in November. Still, I’m betting I don’t wind up the draft of Silver Circle until Jan 1. We’ll see!

I hope any of you who were taking a stab at NaNoWriMo also had a pretty good November and made it to something close to your goals!

Meanwhile, I’ll be sending out the December newsletter any time. I’ll be putting it together today or this weekend, probably scheduling it to go out shortly.

I’m arranging for a one-day sale in December too, so I’ll mention that in the newsletter as well. In fact, maybe I’ll schedule the newsletter to go out the day of the sale, because that would be sensible.

Personally, I think you all ought to give somebody one of my books as a stocking stuffer, which at the prices I’ll be dropping books to would be very reasonable. I’m dropping four books to $0.99. I haven’t yet decided whether to drop everything or how much, so we’ll see.

I’ll be dropping those four books by hand, which means dropping to the 35% royalty rate, which is annoying, but whatever, you can’t keep the 70% royalty rate unless you use the countdown tool and that’s life. Doing it this way will put the sale price everywhere, not just in the US. I’ll mention the sale here, of course, but info and links will go in the newsletter for sure.

I spent the morning re-reading the next installment of the Ryo story that’s going in the newsletter. This installment is about 3700 words and surprise! does not finish the story. I’m thinking the whole story will wind up at about 10,000 words and that sure demonstrates why it’s more sensible to break up longer stories for the newsletter. I have not actually finished this story, which I guess I had better do pronto so that the last part is ready to go in the January newsletter.

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4 thoughts on “Look at this, it’s December”

  1. I did indeed write 50,000 words, and finished in the afternoon, so no late-night writing adventures this year. This is surprising because Thanksgiving weekend I was 10,000 words behind my goal.
    Did I like what I wrote? Eh. It’ll take a substantial amount of work to make it readable. But I got back into the habit of writing after a very busy summer, so I’m counting those 50,000 words as a win.
    I’m 100% going to gift your books to my brother and one to my sister-in-law. I think they will particularly enjoy No Foreign Sky.

  2. A one-day WORLDWIDE sale, excellent – and if the newsletter comes out on that day, I won’t accidentally miss it. Drat Amazon – why in the world would they have countdown discounts for USA *only* and nowhere else… OR “you can do it manually but your royalties get halved”. It’s unutterably stupid. Thank you very much for being willing to do this for your worldwide fans despite this idiotic rule!

    Also much looking forward to the continuation of the Tuyo story!

  3. Heather, it’s definitely inconvenient for authors as well as not great for readers. You can set up separate countdown deals for the US and the UK, but those are the only choices. Maybe they’ll roll out an “everywhere” option eventually. I don’t know why they haven’t.

    To be fair, the sale prices will probably be available a day or two in advance. I don’t dare wait till right before the sale to put through the drop in prices because Amazon does not guarantee an immediate drop. I’ll just say now that I’m aiming the sale at Dec 11th, but I will drop the prices on the 9th to make sure they’re down on the 11th. Then I’ll raise them again on the 12th or even the 13th, and once more there may be a lag before the prices come back up.

  4. EC, I’m right there with you about the “substantial amount of work coming up” part. Alas, It would be nice to think Silver Circle will be about ready when I reach the end, but I can see perfectly well it’ll need a good bit of work. It’ll sure be a lot better to have the draft done than not done, though!

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