Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning! Happy Thanksgiving if you’re American; happy Thursday if you’re not, either way, regardless, I do hope you have many things to be thankful for this fall!

Big things went well for my family this year, most importantly Mom coming through cancer #1 and then cancer #2 really well (REALLY well).

I’m also happy about the kittens, who continue to be delightful. I’m not (obviously) a bit happy that someone dumped them, but I’m happy with the result. The kittens have reason to be thankful as well, as I am spoiling them rotten:

Kittens insist I turn on the faucet because they do not like the many water bowls that are always clean and full.

Kittens now have a nice ceramic water fountain so they do not have to pester me to turn on the faucet.

Also, I’m grateful that my dogs are great with tiny baby kittens, especially Naamah, and that Haydee and the kittens have become buddies.

Haydee and Maximillian have become particular friends, but sorry, I don’t have a good picture of her chasing him around outside, which is a favorite thing for both of them. The kittens chase each other too, don’t get me wrong, but Maximillian definitely goes out of his way to prompt a chase, while Magdalene is more likely to go her own way. They are all very gentle and careful with each other. Haydee pretends to bite the kittens and they pretend to swat her, but judging from the lack of yipes and hisses, they are all kidding.

Like all puppies everywhere, Haydee is confounded by the cats’ ability to go right up trees and then laugh at them from a branch twenty feet over their heads. I’m no longer especially worried that a kitten will fall off a high perch. They’re very athletic and competent and they go up and down trees quite casually. Magdalene shows no sign that she wants ever to jump out of the yard, and Maximillian only jumps out to come see what I’m up to, so with a little caution on my part, he stays in the yard. They are not going to be happy about cold weather, but they have lots of toys and each other, so I think they’ll manage.

Of course, I’m also happy with the books that came out this year: Tano, Tasmakat, and the Tuyo World Companion, and also No Foreign Sky and Invictus Captive and Crisis. What an intense year, and I am SO GLAD readers have mostly given my SF novels a thumbs up, with the Invictus books sitting at 4.7 and 4.8 stars respectively (WHEW!) and NFS at a perfectly acceptable 4.5. I was not at all confident about any of the SF books, for different reasons, so these ratings are a big relief and also provide motivation for me to go on with books in these worlds. Which is great, since the worlds are sitting there and it would be a shame not to do more with them.

I was (obviously) much more confident about Tasmakat, and the TWC was pretty much just for fun, but it was also a relief to see readers mostly liked Tano because I wasn’t as sure about that one. I am personally SO HAPPY that Tasmakat is out. I spent the whole first half of the year thinking OH I CAN’T WAIT and I’m still really happy about this one going live. I love thinking about readers diving into that one and hitting certain moments, especially, you know, that one scene.

I’m reasonably thankful Silver Circle is kind of going well, but I must admit, I would also be more thankful if I were finishing up a draft this weekend rather than still hacking my way through the middle. At least it’s the later part of the middle.

And just to finish off this post, let me add that I’m grateful to all the other authors who wrote books I discovered this year, including Heather Fawcett and Jennifer Cruisie, who I believe were the standout discoveries for me this year. I’m also grateful to everyone who recommends books here, because I would not have read anything by either author, or by many others, without your recommendations. So thank you for that!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I’m thankful that you’ve put out so many great books this year – I’ve enjoyed them all and now that harvest season is over, I intend to post some reviews on Amazon detailing just why. :D
    I second your thanks for the many recommendations from other readers of this blog, since I’ve tried many stories that I wouldn’t have otherwise.
    There’s certainly much to be thankful for!

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