This came up recently, so I thought I’d share it with any of you who might never have had a chance to see it before. This is Victor Borge’s famous punctuation skit. Enjoy!


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10 thoughts on “Punctuation”

  1. I have the impression that you know Sharon Shinn personally? Could you tell her that the ebook file for the Kindle edition of Whispering Wood has all (or many) of the letter Js replaced with three asterisks, and the file should be updated to fix it? I don’t want to leave a review saying that, but it is really super distracting, and her website doesn’t look active enough to make me think that a message there would get to her in a timely fashion. It’s sort of astonishing to me how disruptive I’m finding it as a reader, it just keeps breaking me out of the story again and again.

  2. I just verified that my Kindle ebook has the same problem. Yeah, that’s not good. I sent her an email, but Rachel might have a faster alternative. Hopefully, it’s an easy fix.

  3. Sharon says she did know already, that someone else emailed her before I did, and that the publisher knows about this. My personal bet is that Amazon will push a correction through by the end of the day, and I would be VERY INTERESTED to know whether a correction does get pushed and how fast, so I hope one of you will let me know.

    Also, turns out I preordered an ebook version, so I opened that on my phone in the Kindle app and it’s perfectly all right! So heaven knows what happened and what the parameters of the problem are.

  4. That someone who emailed her was probably me. :-)

    She asked me for a couple of screenshots (which I supplied) since Amazon needed some proof of the problem.

    For what it’s worth, there are “only” about 200 instances of the problem.

  5. This is true, Mary. Impossible for a human person to make that kind of wild and wacky typo. We need a whole new category of typo to encompass something like that.

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