Update: November’s off to a good start

I’m pretty sure that I have never, not once, ever actually pushed for verbiage in November. That is, I’ve never done NaNoWriMo. I’ve almost always taken a break in the fall because I was writing something in the summer, finishing it up in early fall, and then ready to take a break, slow down, and maybe actually read fiction for a bit.

Well, this year, October was a slow month with a lot in it, whereas November is more relaxed and there’s less going on. Therefore, looks like I”m pretty much doing NaNoWriMo this year. Off to a good start, as of last week. The time change is massively helpful because now, poof! I have an extra hour in the morning. I won’t adjust my personal schedule till Christmas.

I’m writing Silver Circle in a unique way. Unique for me, I mean. I’m writing chapters out of order. Some chapters have a placeholder — a couple sentences that tells me who’s pov it should be in and what should haddraftppen. Then I skip that and write something else. Pros: It’s faster to write it that way. Cons: Wait, has this event happened yet? Or is that still coming up? I mean, yesterday I went back to write chapter 13, when I’ve already written various chapters that come later.

I can see that sometime soon, I’m going to need to go back and re-read this draft. It’s sure to need smoothing out. I’m also bolding words and phrases where I need to look something up, like what city is near this? Does it have an airport? Where do any train routes run near here? Also things to look up from earlier books.

I’m also finishing the Tuyo-world story — the one started in the recent newsletter. I hope you liked the first part of the story! I think it’s going to go to about 10,000 words probably, so it will stretch out over three newsletters. Writing a few hundred words of that is nice to relax.

Also! I’ve actually read a few books! So that’s been nice as well, and comments about those will appear shortly.

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3 thoughts on “Update: November’s off to a good start”

  1. Also doing NaNo, but I’ve been going slow because the harvest season is just ending. Will also have more time later in the month. Good luck with non-linear writing! I may try to do the same just to keep my motivation up, since there’s scenes I want to write now that don’t happen until much later in the story . . .

  2. That’s why I’m doing it, EC! And also because I need to do substantial revision of part of this draft, and that would fail to generate words and I think I would find that demotivating right now. I’m just going to put that off till later. Which is weird, but here we are.

    I just picked the last of the apples, which appear to have been totally fine with temperatures dipping to 25 degrees for two nights running. I thought that might have zapped them, but they’re fine. Maybe there’s a microclimate right there which helped protect them, or maybe apples are just way, way tougher than I realized.

    Mary, I like NaNo as a verb! I’m going to use it that way from now on, as both a noun and a verb. I’m NaNoing. How’s the NaNo going?

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