This marketing suggestion seems plausible

Somebody here suggested paying attention to Nicholas Erik for marketing advice, so I subscribed to his newsletter. Here’s part of the email that arrived in my inbox recently:



Here’s the quickest way to succeed with ads.

  1. Focus on one platform (Facebook or Amazon Ads).
  2. Do that for a year.

That’s it. There’s no magic bullet.


This makes me feel like this guy is probably worth listening to. I think this immediately sounds plausible.

Erik goes on:

If we take our “focus on one platform for a year” idea and transform it into something actionable, here’s what that looks like: Test 40 Facebook Ads a month for a year. Test each ad for 30 – 100 clicks to get enough data to analyze what’s working (make sure you use attribution links). You can set a rule to automatically turn off the ads after they hit a certain click threshold. You’ll be good at Facebook Ads in a year. This will cost $400 – $1200/mo (at a cost of $0.30 per click).

Wow. The cost is one reason I would hesitate to do this. But more than that: forty ads per month? That’s more than one per day. This sure sounds like this would be The Thing You Do That Year. How would you have time to write if you were putting together 40 Facebook ads per month? Well … maybe next year I’ll try testing, I don’t know, maybe ten Facebook ads per month for six months.

Paying great heaping gobs of money to Facebook for a modest return is not my favorite idea, but as I think I noted before, even worse is the idea of being required to continually invest significant time for a modest return. Aargh, I’m just not going to think about this again until next year.

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