First Chapter of System Collapse

Via, here’s the first chapter of the upcoming Murderbot novel.

I don’t usually read teasers unless the novel is actually out. Teasers drive me crazy. System Collapse is out … um … November 14th. That’s three weeks. I don’t want to read the first chapter and then pause for three weeks. I hate that!

I don’t mind the first sentence, however. Maybe the first paragraph. Oh, this book opens with a very short teaser and then a flashback. Here’s the teaser, short enough that I find it fun rather than frustrating:

Dr. Bharadwaj told me once that she thought I hated planets because of the whole thing with being considered expendable and the possibility of being abandoned. I told her it was because planets were boring.

Yeah, that was a lie. Objectively, planets are less boring than staring at walls and guarding equipment in a mining installation. But planets tend to be less boring in the bad way.

Planets where you have to investigate the probably-not-empty, possibly-alien-contaminated Pre–Corporation Rim occupation site while wearing an environmental suit instead of armor are especially not boring in the bad way, maybe the worst way.

Especially when you could have been wearing armor, but you decided to be weird about it instead.

I should back up.

Definitey fun! Looking forward to it.

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