You know what? For the first time, it’s now possible to set the release date of a paperback book via KDP. I hope and expect that it will also soon be possible to put paperback and hardcovers up for preorder. I’ve never quite understood why that is impossible.

Anyway, I set the paperback edition of INVICTUS: CRISIS to go live today, so that anybody who happens to prefer a paper copy can get it at just about exactly the same time the ebook drops.

Here it is, and I sure hope you all love it!

Ebook drops this Sunday. Aargh! I hate waiting.

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4 thoughts on “Live!”

  1. I’ve ordered it! Amazon says I’m getting it on Saturday.

    Thanks for doing the extra work to set up paper copies, I really appreciate it.

  2. Invictus: Crisis just landed in my ereader!
    That’s my Sunday spoken for, I can’t wait – very good timing, releasing it on a Sunday!

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