End of September reminders!

A) Just reminding anyone who might have missed it that I’ll be dropping short stories set in the Tuyo world into my newsletter, probably each and every newsletter moving forward because it’s not like there’s a shortage of appropriate stories that can be written. The first will appear in the October newsletter, which I’ve scheduled to go out this coming Monday, October 2nd. If you’d like these stories, then sign up for the newsletter!

I want to get in the habit of sending a newsletter at the beginning of each month no matter what’s going on. There’s not much in this particular newsletter except for a mention of Invictus and then the story. It’s about 6000 words, so a pretty decent length. I hope you enjoy it!

B) Invictus: Crisis is releasing in two weeks! I’m sure I don’t actually need to remind you about that.

I’m anxious about that because I can’t help it. Dropping the back half of a book is just intrinsically nerve-wracking. This is true even though people who have read the final draft are giving it a thumbs up, which does help. I’ve loaded the hopefully final version and, just in case, ordered one more proofing copy. But it should be good to go right this minute, whew!

C) Archon is this weekend.

I had a remarkably irritating week this past week, nothing super important, just a pile of annoying and/or inconvenient things that all piled up. The back half of this week has been peachy in comparison, but I can definitely use a break. I plan to set everything aside and not make the slightest effort to get any work done on anything this weekend. If I have time to work on anything whatsoever, maybe it’ll be First Scenes of Books I Would Like to Write, purely for the pleasure of it.

I hope you all have a great weekend with very few annoyances and many nice things!

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3 thoughts on “End of September reminders!”

  1. Have a good and relaxing weekend!
    I think I was signed up to your newsletter, but to be sure I just did so again. Being double-subscribed (maybe with different e-mail addresses) won’t cause trouble, I hope.

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