Tedious! But finished!

All right, just letting you all know that I’ve loaded the final (mostly final!) version of INVICTUS: CRISIS to KDP.

The tedious part is the paperback, where it’s necessary to check the page numbers, update the ToC to match, find an extra page after chapter 21, take it out and update the ToC, skim through the whole thing and decide to add a blank page here and a blank page there and one more blank page in this other place, little tweaks. Every time, you have to load the new version and check the relevant parts, realize you missed something or you need to remove a few words and pull a page up to make it look better or whatever.

You know what was even more tedious?

That’s right, you guessed it: making the three hundred (roughly accurate estimate) changes after the second proofing read. It’s not really a proofing read exactly, it’s for tweaking. I can’t believe that I made about as many little teensy tweaks the second time as the first. I caught another half-dozen actual typos, too. After which I got my mother’s paper proofing copy and corrected the other half dozen typos she caught that I missed (which means I missed them over and over, sheesh).

Plenty of time for one more proofing read, and this time I do not intend to tweak anything. We’ll see if I can stick to that resolution. But at least at this point all the pages are in the right places for the paperback.


If you noticed any typos in INVICTUS: CAPTIVE, this is a good time to let me know. I’ve corrected three that one sharp-eyed reader caught and I’m going to re-load the corrected version maybe Sunday or Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Tedious! But finished!”

  1. It’s not a typo exactly, but (trying to be vague here) when the four guys get punished in chapter 22 someone named “Sansu” gets twice the punishment as the other three and an additional permanent ban from records, and I can’t figure out a) why he got punished more severely than the others, even the actual instigator of the incident, and b) how access to records was involved. He’s never mentioned by name anywhere else (I ran a search on the kindle file), is that a leftover from some additional scene that got edited out? It’s been driving me crazy haha.

  2. OH. Yes, he was responsible for stuff having to do with records, and he was going to edit the records to disguise what happened, and I bet that did get deemphasized or edited out or something along the way. I can add a line to that conversation to clarify, and thank you, Sara!

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