Who in the world created this cover? Update: Now we know

You may recall this post at tor.com: Do You Know Who Illustrated This Classic Wrinkle in Time Cover?

This post is by Molly Templeton, and here is the cover she means:

If you are of a certain age, you remember it well: The creepy, haunting, downright iconic—and totally weird—cover of the 1976 Dell edition of Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time. But while many of us remember being scared by (and/or fascinated with) this image, there’s an unexpected mystery behind it: No one seems to know who the artist is.

And, it turns out, she succeeded in tracking down the cover artist. Here’s that post, and once again thanks to Robert, who sent me that link.

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3 thoughts on “Who in the world created this cover? Update: Now we know”

  1. I find if interesting not just that they finally found it, but how much effort had to be put in to find information about something that happened well within living memories.
    As someone who’s worked in municipal archives, I find it notable and startling how soon and how much information can be totally lost, if it’s not considered worth registration and archiving at the time it happens.

    Totally off topic, I just finished a very nice MG fantasy book, Ember and the ice dragons, by Heather Fawcett. One I can wholeheartedly recommend if you like that sort of stories, with dragons and magic in a sort of steampunk alternate world setting.

  2. Thanks for the pointer, Hanneke — I’ve got something or other by Fawcett on my TBR pile, I’m pretty sure, and if this appealed to you, I’m sure I’d like it.

  3. Sir Walter Raleigh wrote a history while in the Tower of London. He had published the first volume and was hard at work on the second when he witnessed a fight through his window and a man was killed. Despite his most diligent effort, he was unable to find out what the fight was about.

    So he burned the second volume. Or so the story goes.

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