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Okay, so, I realize I have been running repeated sales on series for the past couple years. This is because that makes sense financially. Generally, a series sale pays for itself in direct sales during the sale period, then produces profit in a slight uptick in direct sales and a sharp uptick in KU pages read over the next couple of months.

It makes no sense to run sales on books that aren’t in a series. But, on the other hand, it seems to me that probably some readers might like a chance to pick up non-series titles at a discount, and you know, it doesn’t cost all that much to run a sale, so why not? So in the future, I’ll probably put these books on sale periodically. Probably not more than once per year, though.

Now, to be clear, there’s only so much I can do with some of these books.

I don’t control this book’s price, sorry

I can’t run a sale on The Floating Islands. Random House sets the price. As far as I know, they never run sales. I can only run a sale on The Sphere of the Winds. That means if you would like just the second book, here you go; if you would like the full duology, the overall price for both books together is at least reasonable.

This book is $1.99 this week

So, that’s one duology where I don’t have the rights to the first book, only the second. Here’s the second such duology:

I don’t have the rights to this one either

Hachette does run sales on occasion, but they don’t notify me when that happens and today, sorry, is not one of the times House of Shadows is on sale. At least Hachette does permit the first book to be linked to the second on a series page, which is nice. Door Into Light is also $1.99 this week.

Also $1.99 this week

Once again, that makes the overall price of the duology fairly reasonable.

One more: Beyond the Dreams

Also $1.99 this week

Of course Beyond the Dreams is a collection. I personally think the stories are pretty darn good. There’s a story set in the world of The Floating Islands, so that may mean you want to pick up this collection if you pick up that duology. Or vice versa. It happens to be my favorite story in the collection. I would be very curious to know how readers rate the various stories here and which they pick out as their favorite. Too bad there’s no function that lets readers rate each story individually as they get to the end of that particular story. That would be a neat feature for every story collection.

And finally —

Also $1.99 for this week

I’m running a book launch promotion for No Foreign Sky via Written Word Media. This is the first time I’ve ever tried that. It has to be scheduled within a certain amount of time following the release of a book, and there are various other boxes to tick off to run this kind of promotion, plus it’s a bit pricey. I’m not sure what will happen. I mean, you never know what will happen with any promotion, but I’m particularly uncertain what will happen this time. I will be watching with considerable interest and it sure would be nice to see a lasting effect. I’m also running my first ever BookBub ad, scheduled to start at the tail end of this promotion.

Why, you may ask, am I going to this much trouble for a book that is not (yet) a series book? There is exactly one reason, and it turns out I’m not sure it was necessary. I scheduled both this book launch package and the Book Bub ad in order to do my absolute best to get this title in front of space opera fans, thus encouraging Amazon’s algorithms to show No Foreign Sky only, or primarily, to SF fans, not to readers who prefer fantasy.

I was really, seriously worried that early sales of this book would be so heavily slanted toward people who read my fantasy novels, and therefore to people who read fantasy, that Amazon would show my space opera to fantasy readers, not SF readers, and thus accidentally kill sales.

To my considerable relief, that doesn’t seem to have happened at all. On the product page, where Amazon lists “Products related to this item,” it’s all space opera. Not a fantasy novel in the bunch. WHEW. I think that means I dodged a potentially serious bullet. Maybe stacking a whole lot of SF terms in the keywords also helped. In fact, maybe that was all that was necessary. Not sure! But I am sure that for the month of June, No Foreign Sky has twice the KU pages read as Tuyo. That’s unusual and promising. I think that implies that Amazon is showing NFS to the right KU readers — that is, to space opera fans.

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11 thoughts on “Sales this week”

  1. I don’t know if you have an Instagram account, but I follow Beth Brower and several other authors on Instagram- I don’t use Twitter. These authors post about their books ALL THE TIME and I bet you could pick up followers on that, unless you already do, in which case please disregard.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Alison, but I’ve never used Instagram. Maybe I should look at it, but ever since 2020, I’ve barely used social media at all and I confess I haven’t been at all enthusiastic about trying any new-to-me social media. That is exacerbated by not having a real internet connection from home, so I can’t really load or download pictures from my house, particularly not in summer. Obviously I could get a better connection, but I guess I really do not want a better connection because I keep not getting a satellite dish or anything else that would make that happen.

  3. Thanks for the sale Rachel! I was able to pick up Beyond The Dreams We Know, which is the only book of yours I haven’t read yet. I’m looking forward to it

  4. I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages that you have experienced with traditional vs self publishing some time! I’ll admit I’m also not very familiar with how the rights of books work, and would be curious to know more about that from someone who has seen both sides to keeping vs selling them.

  5. I should write a post on that, Camille.

    In fact, I will. I’ll write that shortly and set the post to go live sometime this week.

  6. Melanie, if you would like to tell me which story is YOUR favorite, I would be so curious!

  7. Hi Rachel, I’m a bit sad. The sales don’t seem to be working on Amazon Australia – “No Foreign Sky” is still up around the $7.50 mark – and since I’m in New Zealand, Amazon won’t let me buy from their US site. Is there any way you can tell Amazon to do a *worldwide* sale?

  8. No, I’m sorry, Heather. When setting up a countdown sale, there’s a box for US and a box for UK, but there aren’t any other boxes to check off. I could do that if I had lowered the price by hand, but — sorry — I didn’t. I can try doing it by hand next time, but it’s locked into the countdown sale right now.

  9. Thanks for replying, Rachel. I instantly begged a friend of mine, who’s from Canada and who still sometimes goes back there – meaning that she has managed to cling tenaciously to Amazon US rather than being forced over to Amazon Australia – to buy it for me and email it over as an attachment.

    Technically, my friend now owns TWO e-copies of “No Foreign Sky”. (She’s also quite, quite mad about your books.) In reality, we have one copy each. I’m so glad the thing wasn’t DRM-locked!

  10. I’m really glad your friend managed to send you a copy, Heather! Excellent! And I hope you love it!

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